Monday, July 19, 2010

Grandson's Visit, a Party & Another 3 Cuddle Quilts completed !!!!

Well it has been a busy few weeks. My grandson was down from Gayndah to visit his Dad on the school holidays so tried to spend some special time with him. I miss him a lot since he moved away. He seems to have grown so much taller even though it is only a few months since I last saw him. He loved the cuddle rug I made him as you can see in one of the pictures below. I managed to finish another one for his brother Jake as well. So there would be no arguments over them, I made them in their favourite colours. Like most siblings, they are very good at both wanting the same thing at the same time so it is good if you can overcome the problem before it arises. While Tom was visiting, his Dad had his 40 th birthday party so there was lots to do and prepare for that. It was a great night enjoyed by everyone and a great way to celebrate another milestone in my son's life. My daughter-in-law Deb put a photo poster together of Scott's 40 years. It is amazing how much we have all changed over that time especially the hairstyle and colour changes that I have had over the years. My grandson Josh asked his Mum who the person was in the photo with his Dad and Uncle Scott. Of course, it was a much younger and slimmer me with long blond hair.
Since the party, I have made 2 more of those cuddle quilts with another 2 to go. The pink and blue one is for me and the red star and black one is for Josh which I finished for his 13 th birthday yesterday. They are so warm across your knees on these chilly nights and so quick to make.

Tom above and Jake below.

Now I must get back to my quilting and stitching. Am way behind with everything. Till next time..........

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  1. Just love those snuggle rugs... I made one the same as you with the blue and white stars.A 40th birthday is a big milestone...I have a 21st party this weekend so I am feelong slightly old now..Have a great week