Monday, December 30, 2013

OPAM finishes

Here are my finishes for December.

9 Finishes.
Thank you Peg and Kris for hosting another wonderful year of OPAM.
Hugs Noela

Friday, December 27, 2013

Let's Celebrate, Santa Sack Swap Gifts.

Here is the final show of the gifts I sent to my partners in the above swaps.
Over the course of this year, I have exchanged many gifts with Kali in Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop Let's Celebrate.Kali and I have got to know each other quite well by exchanging lots of e-mails. When we sent our parcels, we would often find we had made or bought similiar items and did lots of laughing about how alike we were. Xmas was my last gift although as it was my birthday as well Kali had to do double duty this time. I know that over the year we have become friends and I look forward to keeping in touch in 2014. Thanks to Karen for hosting this year long swap.
Here are my gifts from Kali :

My birthday gifts : A Sewing Roll with 1/2 dresdens and lots of beautiful stitchery, Block Keeper pattern, Thread Holder,  chocolate and hidden in the bag- a spool with Cottage Garden Ric Rac

My Xmas gifts :  A  Xmas stocking, a JOY button, Lindt chocolate and a Table Runner. 
Thank you so much Kali for my birthday and Christmas gifts. They are all made beautifully as have all the gifts I have received over the year.
Below are my gifts to Kali.
A Sewing  Bag, Christmas Goose Bag with chocolates, Lynette Anderson pattern, buttons and fabric, red thread.
I have had to borrow Kali's photo as I have been having trouble downloading some of my photos of late and can't find the ones I took.
And finally, here are the gifts I sent to Cath at Bits and Bobs for Cheryll's Santa Sack Swap.

Photos above : Santa Sack and stitched tag, historical novel, chocolates, button mug coaster, decorated t-towel, ham bag for the kitchen, tree ornaments, sewing room goodies and something smelly- soap and sachet.
Thank you Cheryll for hosting the swap. I have thoroughly enjoyed this one.
Well that's about it for me tonight.   Happy Stitching till next time.............  

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Swaps Catch-up.

Well I have spent this morning catching up on washing and putting away all the things we used for our family lunch yesterday. Now I have time to catch up on my swaps. I have been very spoilt with all the lovely things I have received. Firstly is Chookyblue's SSCS Swap. I finally found out who my partner was when I opened the gift under the tree, Raewyn from New Zealand. Her parcel was full of the lovely gifts below.
Choccies, Cottage Garden threads, a permanent marker, gorgeous buttons, Xmas stitchery with my name,  thread catcher and  needle holder with the tiniest hexagons and stitching.

Thank you so much Raewyn for being my Secret Santa.

I am unable to show you what I sent at this time as my secret partner has gone on holidays and forgotten her parcel according to her blog.  I will wait until she gets back to show my main parcel.
Thank you to Chooky and Googy girl for hosting another successful swap.

I was also in Maree's Xmas Swap. I opened my parcels from Fiona. They are all beautiful so thank you so much Fiona. Your stitching is wonderful and I love all the handmade things that you have given me. Below are my gifts :

6 gifts in all : Something for the tree, under the tree, to eat, smelly, to read and something for the sewing room. Missing are the chocolate almonds that were found in the bon bon.
I have posted about my gifts to Anna who does not have a blog. She has sent me an email to say she has opened her gift for under the tree so here it is, a Xmas table runner.

I still have my Let's Celebrate gifts but will leave it for another day as this post is getting a bit lengthy.
You would have to agree that my gifts are just gorgeous. Thank you to my partners for making my Christmas Day perfect.
Will be back soon.  Hugs.............


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas .........

Just a quick post to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Hope you have had a wonderful day with your family or friends and that Santa has brought you lots of wonderful gifts.
Today as well as celebrating Christmas, it is also my hubby's and my birthday. We have been lucky enough to be able to share it with our some of our family. We had a great day.
Tomorrow I will be back to show all the lovely presents I have received from the swaps I joined this year. I have been very spoilt and can't wait to show you.
See you tomorrow................Hugs...........

Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa Sack Swap

Yesterday we were able to open our parcels and my partner Cath from Bits 'n Bobs has sent me a parcel I will never forget.  So many lovely gifts contained in my Santa Sack. Here are photos of what I received.

The item at top left hangs around your neck and holds needles,thread,scissors and pins,  Fat 1/4's, thread, thread holder, button to hold my glasses, Tea and cookies, A photo for my wall (a Cath original), A shopping bag, diary and pen, washer and bath goodies.  

A Christmas Table Topper, Hexagon Table Topper and coasters, A cushion cover.
I have been thoroughly spoilt so I want to again say a big 'Thank you' to you Cath, for all the beautiful handmade items you have made me. I will definitely enjoy using them all.
In closing, I would also like to thank Cheryll for hosting this wonderful swap.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last parcel sent, Swap updates and a few surprises.

Today I sent away my last parcel to Kali. All year we have been sending and receiving gifts as part of Mrs Martin's Let's Celebrate Swap. My parcel is quite late in being sent so a big thank you to Kali for giving me extra time to get it done.

 Kali's Xmas parcel arrived today along with my birthday one, they are under the tree awaiting Christmas Day. Can't wait to open them. Thank you Kali, they are wrapped beautifully.
Today Cheryll  from Gone Stitchin announced that our opening day for her Santa Sack Swap is this Thursday the 19th. Here is a photo of the Santa Sack I received from my partner Cath of Bits 'n Bobs .
I haven't looked in the sack so it will be a surprise when Thursday comes.
My parcel in Maree's 6 Xmas Items has arrived at Anna's place and she has opened all the parcels except the one for under the tree. She sent me a lovely Christmas E-card to let me know. Thank you Anna. Here are the gifts :
Something to Read : some lovely bag patterns in this mag. 

Something to Eat : Chocolates, Coffee Sachets, Shortbread and a Xmas Mug Rug 
Something that smells nice : Lavender soap, wardrobe sachet in a jewelled gift bag 

Leanne Beasley pattern, Thread holder, Spotted buttons, Erasable pen, Ric rac, 2 Fat 1/4's and some Post it notes for the Sewing Room.
Something for the tree : A Felt heart with stitched gingy and a Silver stocking with room for a photo.
I have also had a couple of  lovely surprises over the last few weeks.
A card and Christmas Pudding Felt Ornament from my friend, Michelle Ridgway.  Thank you very much Michelle .
 Cheryll from Gone Stitchin has also sent me a parcel. A card, 6 coasters (that have Cheryll's and my blog address around the outside), fridge magnet, bookmark and a fabric thimble.
Thank you Cheryl for your lovely gifts. They certainly brightened my day when they arrived.
Well, I have much more to write about but time has got away from me and the plumber will be here at 7.00 in the morning for a bit of much needed work in the bathroom so must get some sleep. Will be back soon with more show and tell.
Till next time ........ Happy Stitching...........

Monday, December 9, 2013

Catch up on Xmas Swaps.

I am finally home, my son is on the mend and has started to drive again so I have some time to post about my Xmas Swaps. I have been a bit stressed getting them all finished but have managed to send these on there way over the last few weeks.
Parcels for Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap.

I know that my parcel has been received by Sharon and she has opened the tree ornament so I can show this. I saw these little wine charms so included them with it also.
I have received my parcel from my SSCS Elf who has been very sneaky leaving her name off the parcel so if she is reading this post, I would like to thank her for the lovely tree wall hanging which she made me. It has found a home on my wall already and will be behind the tree if I can ever find the time to put it up.I am looking forward to seeing who the sender is when I open my Xmas present on the 25th.

I have also sent off my parcel in Maree's 6 Items Christmas Swap. My recipient does not have a blog so could not check out her likes etc but was given her Xmas colours by Maree which was a great help.
I have received my parcel in this swap from Fiona from BubzRugz. Below are my parcels.  Fiona also had a parcel that did not have a tag on it so I have opened that one but am thinking I will leave the others till closer to Xmas. Not sure I will keep to that though as they are very tempting.

This is the one I opened, isn't this gorgeous. Thank you Fiona, I love this so much.
My last swap is Cheryll's Santa Sack Swap and has been posted to Cath, my partner in this one.
It is going to be a busy week. Today my quilting group had our Christmas break-up and tomorrow I am going out to a concert and Christmas luncheon at the Logan Entertainment Centre with my sister. Then this weekend we are having our family Christmas lunch as my DIL has to work on the 25th and my 2 youngest GS's will be with their Mum from the 23rd. Never a dull moment in this household.  
Well must close now as my hubby is hovering in the background as he wants to check out something on the net.
Till next time.  Happy stitching.............