Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching Up

Yesterday I spent some time catching up on my blocks. Did some more work on my Gardeners Journal blocks but still have a bit of stitching to go before I can make up the blocks and add the photos to the Stitch-a-long blog. Sorry Chookyblue.........
I also completed my Love is block 12 and was able to finish joining the first three rows together. I like the way this is coming together, half way there now. I love the feel of French General fabrics and they are lovely to sew with as well.

I also completed my Jelly Roll block in time for the next one to be available today. This one is mainly reds and pinks as I am running out of the dark colours. Below is the photo, tell me what you think...........

Well just a short post today. Am on a mission to tidy up my computer room. It has all the kitchen stuff in it that I haven't been able to find a home for. Put a bit more shelving in here on the weekend so hopefully it will be tidy by days end.


  1. keep stitching the GJ..........little bits here and there you will get it done.........

  2. Lovely work you have been doing..