Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Christmas !!!!!

Well, it's taken me long enough but I think at last I am getting the Christmas spirit. The tree is up and decorated, the cards have been sent and the presents are wrapped. Just the last minute shop for food, a quick house clean, then some preparation and I'm there. Our Christmas morning will be quiet but will give Chris and I some time to sleep in then enjoy a leisurely breakfast together to celebrate our birthdays before the family arrives mid afternoon. I love the fact that we share our birthday and this year it is Chris's 60 th, he hates fuss so no party, although it has always been hard to organize anything near Xmas anyway, every one's so busy at this time of year.
Before I go, must show you what I sent for Maree's Christmas Swap. Three of these I can add to my OPAM list for December.
Something for Xmas : An apron, a Christmas tree plate, a beaded Christmas tree ornament which I made, some choccies.
Something smelly: Lavender hand cream, exfoliating gloves.

Something to read : Tea or coffee, some chocolate and magazine.

Something Handmade : A handbag and notebook wallet.

Something for the craft room : 2 Fat quarters, scissors, buttons, Stitchery, DMC thread.

I really enjoyed doing this swap. I loved making the bag and wallet and I intend to make some more of these as gifts as they are quite quick to sew once the cutting out is done.
I was in a birthday fat quarter swap organised by Maree also and so I have 3 parcels that have arrived for that but I am going to wait to open them on my birthday.
Well, must go, to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog, I would like to...........


I hope you will call in again next year. Until then it's bye for now. Noela

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snakes, storms and quilting....

An interesting thing happened to me yesterday as I went to feed my chickens. Opened the back shed and a red-bellied black snake slithered away from the door. Probably only about 3 feet but it got my heart racing. Needless to say I quickly shut the shed. Rang the snake catcher man and he came and caught it for me. I certainly got quite a fright. I know they are around but always imagine they are in someone else's yard not yours. Am going to buy a pair of wellington boots to wear in the yard in future and get some for the grand-kids as well. Scary..........
While waiting for the snake catcher, we had a bad storm and lost power for 8 hours so I think I have had enough excitement for this week, do you agree?

Earlier this year, I joined Maree's Xmas Swap and received the name of the person who I was to send my parcels to. Below are the wrapped parcels I sent last week. It is good to know the parcel arrived safely and Vanessa enjoyed receiving her gifts.

I also received my parcel and even though I promised myself I wouldn't open it until Christmas, I gave in after a couple of days. So here are my gifts sent by Marlene. Thank you so much, they are all lovely. I am looking forward to putting my table runner on the table Christmas morning. Included, something to read, something smelly, something handmade, something for Christmas and something for the craft room.

I will show you the gifts I sent next post.
Below is the label I stitched for the baby quilt my quilting group gave to the minister and his wife for their new baby due to be born very soon. We have been meeting at the church hall since our group was formed over 3 years ago so have got to know Dan, the minister, quite well. 13 of our members made a block each, Cindie put it together and quilted the top and Jan added the binding. We presented the quilt on our break-up day last week. They already have 2 little boys and as we didn't know if baby is a boy or girl, we included both blue and pink in the design. Safe arrival Baby Talbot.........hope you like your quilt.

Well must go now as I am going over to my son's to help him get the house ready for sale. 2011 will bring a few changes but hopefully they will be for the better.
Thanks for reading my blog, I will try to blog a bit more often next year. Have a great day, until next time...........