Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our new Puppy, SAL 2015.

Our household has increased by one with a new puppy arriving on Tuesday night.
Her name is RUBY and she was born 15 th November 2014. She is a German Shepherd Cross.
She is very cute although I am already sporting a few band aids from her sharp teeth. She has been sleeping okay at night but early mornings seem to be the go. Definitely not good as I am not a morning person.

Above are a few photos. The second one, she was helping with the zip ties for the temporary fence near the house.  Not sure Chris appreciated her help though.
The last one is of her sleeping, pity this wasn't happening at 3.00 am this morning. This too will pass.....Hopefully sooner than later........

And now to finish, I have also managed to complete my January Anni Downs stitchery for SAL 2015.

Just need to decide on the fabric I am using (hopefully from my stash) for Natures Journey and I am ready to begin in February for the first set of blocks.
Well must go I hear a bit of yelping going on outside so I had better check on Ruby.
Till next time..... Happy Stitching.......

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Stitch-a-long.

I have joined Chooky and Susan in another SAL. We will be working on this quilt :

Have ordered my pattern and hopefully will be able to find some fabrics to use from my stash.
Happy Stitching...............