Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Bit Quiet.......SSCS gift sent.....

Hi everyone. I have been a little quiet of late as I have been staying with my son looking after him after his operation 10 days ago. He is slowing improving and is getting around quite well now although his wound site is still very sore but that is to be expected.  I went out in sympathy with him for a couple of days as I had to have a tooth out last Monday due to losing a filling. It was a difficult extraction and this was the result after a couple of days. A very nice purple bruise decided to appear.
It is a lovely shade of yellow now so hopefully that will disappear in a few days.  Luckily it wasn't very painful as regular Panadol helped keep that in check.
I did manage to get my Secret Santa Christmas Swap  gift completed and sent to .................I wonder who?
Well just popped home for a few things so must get back to my patient and grandson. In closing I would like to thank all my friends who commented on my last blog post. I did manage to reply to a few of you but not all, so thank you for leaving your comments, it is much appreciated by me, I love to read what you have to say.
Until next time...........  Happy stitching.................

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bloggers Group Xmas Party

Today I went to our blogger group's Xmas party break-up at Garden City.  As always we had a great time with lots of eating, talking and a little stitching on the side.
We had a Secret Santa Swap also and the person who was to receive my gift was Sandi.  Below is what I made. A Christmas wall hanging and a bon bon with chocolates.

The bonbon has a Theadora button on it.
I received my gift, beautifully wrapped,  from Teresa. It was a lovely table runner containing some pretty Xmas fabrics and stitcheries.

Thank you so much Teresa I love the runner and the little Xmas Angel ornament. My space sure looks messy doesn't it? We all got a few extra bits and pieces too.
A bon bon with fabric & wine glass markers, some choccies, a little lace angel , a felt star with more chocolates  & a fabric star ornament. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who gave these extra goodies.
Below are some photos of the day.
Everyone catching up, lots of secret gifts, lots of delicious food.
Just a few of the secret gifts.
A big Thank You to Maree who organized the day, we all had a wonderful time. All too soon it was time to head home so I will close with a photo of our fun loving Helen, wearing flashing Santa earrings and a Rudolph nose.
Teresa, Sandi and I all came with Helen so the fun didn't stop till we arrived home. Thank you for the lift Helen,  very much appreciated.
Till next time........ Happy Stitching............

Saturday, November 16, 2013

FNSI, PIF Gifts received.

Last night was FNSI. I joined, not sure if I would be able to do much sewing as my son had an op yesterday and an overnight stay in hospital, so I had our GS staying with us. Pleased to say that my son came through okay and is now home resting. I dropped him off and after being told he should be back in the ward by 4.30pm, was a little uneasy when told he was still in theatre when I rang. Having worked as an Enrolled nurse for a number of years, I know things don't always run to schedule but it doesn't make the waiting any easier, so I was relieved when he finally got to the ward by 7.00pm. Needless to say sewing wasn't on my mind but I eventually did get to do a little hand sewing on a Secret Santa present which I am taking to my bloggers Xmas meet tomorrow. I must admit it was only the label but still, talk about last minute.
If you would like to go over to Wendy's and check out what everyone else got up to, just click on the logo same as above and found in my side-bar to get there. Thank you Wendy for again hosting.
Also this week, my last two Pay It Forward gifts have arrived at there destinations. Below are the gifts I sent to Terry in the USA.

A Table Topper , a 2014 calendar, 2 Aussie fat 1/4's, a Gail Pan pincushion pattern, thread and a Raggety Ann cushion.
My other gift went to Cheryll in NSW.

As Cheryll has become a new Nanna this year, I made her a wall hanging for her sewing room to celebrate. A small thread catcher, some chocolate and a Glamping charm pack as well.
I have really enjoyed choosing and making these gifts for my three Pay It Forward ladies.
Well that's it from me tonight. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Till next time...............

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yamba Weekend.

We enjoyed our weekend away  at Yamba and as usual it went very quickly. We stayed at The Big 4 caravan /camping park and were lucky enough to have a small cabin for our accommodation. Over 200 cars there for the weekend so you can imagine it was quite noisy when all those hot rods went for their nightly cruise around the park. We were on the corner and the whole cabin seemed to vibrate as they went past.
Top, our cabin.     Bottom, Our friend going for a cruise, not sure what look he was trying to achieve. This bird was attracted by his reflection and kept pecking at the car, the owner wasn't too pleased though.
On Friday, we had a bit of a drive around the area. 
Saturday morning and the Show and Shine was on in the main streets. 
The weekend was great and I also managed to get to two quilt shops whilst there, one at Maclean which we found by accident on Friday (a big thank you to my hubby for pointing it out) and the one in Yamba on Saturday. I bought a few bits and pieces to add to my stash.

Must have been having a blue and red day. The bottom fabric is a laminated one from Riley Blake so maybe a bag from that. I just love touching this as it is so soft.
Well must go, hope to get back later tonight and catch up on all your blog posts.
Till next time....... Happy Stitching...........

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Away till Monday.

Tomorrow we are taking this baby to Yamba for a hot rod weekend. We haven't been to this one for a couple of years but our friend who rents a cabin in the park each year, isn't going as he is the USA at present, so he asked us if we would like to take over his cabin this year.  Am looking forward to a restful weekend before next week when my son is due to have an operation. With him at the hospital for a 5 hour pre-op consultation today so I think I will be busy for the next  few weeks.  Anyway that is another story for another day.  We are packed, food organized, just dropping Jake off at school in the morning and we are on our way. Yamba here we come..........Will be back on Monday with an update........ Bye till then..........

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday Night with Friends.

Last night I joined lots of other quilters in a session of sewing.  I did manage to trace the designs for some more Xmas ornaments and stitch together some strips for a secret project before I decided to give up on the things I had planned to sew and do a little stitching in front of the TV instead.  Since I came back from retreat last week, I have been fighting a bug, and so between sneezing, requiring the need for an endless supply of tissues and a slight headache, that seemed like a much better idea. Pleased to say, I have been feeling much better today.  So below is what I did last night.

Traced 6 of these ready for stitching.

Wonder what this will be :  lovely Nancy Halvorsen fabrics.
Thank you Cheryll for hosting again. I'm now off to check out what others got up to last night.
Till next time....... Happy Stitching............