Sunday, June 21, 2015

FNSI, Ruby update.....

Friday night I joined Wendy of Sugarlane Quilts and friends for a night of sewing. THANK YOU to Wendy for hosting this enjoyable night. Knowing that you are stitching along with so many other ladies is a great encouragement which I am in need of at the moment.
I worked on my Natures Journey June blocks, so far so good as I am keeping up with the schedule.
I have all the pieces cut out and ready to go. Just working on stitching the circles on the three big blocks before adding the applique to them. The small blocks are almost complete then just the two 1 1/2" pieced circles to go.

Well, must go and work on finishing those blocks but thought I would add a photo of Ruby, now 7 months old before I go.
Nearly as tall as me, Ruby has had a growth spurt.  

A bit of work to do on this friendship. Oscar isn't so keen on Ruby's attention. 

Well must go and work on those blocks. Thanks for stopping by........
Happy Stitching till next time..........

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Friday Sewing, Natures Journey, 1 Xmas Item a Month, Cooly Rocks.......

Friday night I joined other like minded ladies in a bit of sewing. Thank you to Cheryll from Gone Stitchin for again hosting this fun night. I managed to get a few things done which included some prep work for my June blocks for Natures Journey.
I cut some blocks for the backgrounds and traced out the shapes for the blanket stitch applique to go on them. Just need to get started on the blanket stitch circles and squares first.

Then I worked on a couple of blocks from my C is Christmas table runner by Michelle Ridgway. These blocks are for my May finish for 1 Xmas Item a Month hosted by Narelle from Pins and Whiskers blog. I know, I know I'm a bit late. Thanks Narelle.

Finally, yesterday we made a quick trip down to Coolangatta for Cooly Rocks, a hot rod and rock'n'roll festival held each year. It was quite windy and very cold early on but that didn't stop a big crowd from turning up. We looked at all the cars, then watched the parade and before we came home checked out the stalls. I was very good this year and didn't buy anything.

We had a lovely day but were happy to get home and see what this girl had got up to.
Only a couple of holes dug and an empty dish that needed refilling. Well that wasn't too bad as usually, she destroys a toy or two. Any suggestions for toys that are indestructible?
Well must go, be back soon..........Happy stitching till then.......