Sunday, May 24, 2009

WISP May Finish

Here is my Giggle Club Project for April. I have been working on it for quite a while and finally put the finishing touches to it today. I had originally thought I would put it in a frame but didn't have one big enough to suit so changed my mind and made a hanging. I added ric rac to it and offset the stitchery which I think looks nice. Will have to add a photo to the Giggle Button Club site and see what other people have done with their project. That is the good thing about the club, you can make the stitchery into whatever you want eg: a bag, cushion or something else of your choosing.
Below is Block 5 of A Christmas Wish BOM from Gail Pan. I had this one completed just after my last post but hadn't got around to adding it to my blog until now. I know....... I can be a bit slack at times.
Already half way there with only 4 blocks to go. Each time I do a block, I think it is my favourite. I wonder if anyone feels the same?
It has been a bit slow going just lately. I haven't been able to get into my quilting room without keeping a watchful eye on the glass doors. My dog, Cain, a staffy, has decided that when I go out there, it's the signal for him to get out of the back yard by digging a hole under the side fence. He has become quite adept at it and all of a sudden he is looking at me through those damn doors. We decided to put a piece of pipe on his collar to stop him but he keeps trying and sometimes still gets through. How he can work his way through such a small hole is beyond me. So we are trying to work out how to stop him without pulling down the old fence and putting up a new one ( Hubby's brain is working overtime so he doesn't have to add that job to his list). Any ideas ???? I'm just worried he may get knocked as he doesn't have much road sense.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Footy Star

This is my grandson Jake at footy last Sunday. He plays in the under sixes and looks quite cute in his uniform.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Progress at last!!

Today I managed to get into my quilting room for a few hours. I worked on my Giggle Button project so need to quilt it tomorrow (if time permits) and then add binding. I added some ric rac to it and am quite pleased with how is has turned out. Will post a photo soon, I hope. I also completed the middle section of my daughter's quilt. The purple colour in the photo above isn't very good, I'm afraid. I really want to get this finished soon as I have quite a few tops to quilt and once I complete this one, I will try to get most of them quilted before I start any other big projects (I know, I know, famous last words).
I have caught up on my BOM's. Verandah Views and Bunny Hill completed with just a few more lasy daisy leaves to go on A Christmas Wish. This is my favourite block for VV so far, I just love chooks although my girls aren't laying any eggs at the moment.
If you check out my side bar you will see a button for a Paper Bag Swap. Check it out, you can still join in until end of May. This is the first swap I have joined so I am looking forward to it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day / April BOM's completed

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and we are going to see my youngest grandson play footy. He plays in the under sixes. All the family are coming to the game and then we are going for morning tea. Not sure where we will have it but surprises are always good aren't they : just like the flowers above which my hubby gave me today when he arrived home from work. Love you Chris.

Verandah Views Block 4 Bunny Hill Block 4
A Christmas Wish Block 4
At last I have finished block 4 for Bunny Hill, Gail Pan's Christmas Wish and Verandah Views. Going away at Easter certainly put me behind but HOORAY, they are done. Of course, today, I prepared all of the blocks for May but am hoping to get them done much faster.
I worked on Kym's quilt today and did a bit of unpicking as I am not happy with how it looks. Will have a bit more of a play around with the blocks tomorrow if I get time. I am also almost finished my Giggle Button project. I was going to put it in a frame but didn't have a frame big enough so am going to make a wall hanging out of it instead.
Well this has been quite a long post so I had better close until next time..............

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quilt Aid 2009, Group Visit

A few months ago on some of the designers blogs, they showed sneak peeks of a block that they were designing for a charity project. This project is to start around June. If you wish to read about it and see the blocks that the designers have created go the logo on my sidebar. They look great and all my favourite designers are there as well.
Today, members of the Jimboomba Quilters and Stitchers went to a Retirement Village in Durack to show some of our quilts and other handcrafts, that have been made by our members, to a group of Legacy ladies who reside there. We talked about our group and what we had brought along to show them. The ladies were very interested in how the quilts were constructed and how we went about making them eg did we stitch by hand or machine?, did we quilt them on a domestic machine? We gave them a general idea of what was required as we also took along some quilts in various stages of construction and I think everyone got an understanding of what is involved in making a quilt. The ladies seemed to enjoy the morning as much as we did. It's surprising how many things you have to 'show and tell' when you look around the walls of your home.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just Us Quilters

Today while blog browsing, I came across a site with only quilting blogs on it. If you would like to have a look, click on the button on my side bar. Only managed to check out a few blogs but found Joypatch from Queensland on it so have added my name to the list as well.
Still stitching my bom's. Working on Verandah Views and Bunny Hill at present. Today I printed out Block 5 of Verandah Views and also Shabby Roses Block 3 which I haven't started as yet. Have also completed the centre block of Kym's quilt, 3 more nine patch to go then put it together. Will add some photos next post. Hopefully off to the quilt show tomorrow and we will also be celebrating my grandson's 7th birthday.