Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Australia Day

Yesterday was Australia Day. We spent the morning helping to put up a cubby house for my grandchildren in between the much welcome rain. It looks great and the boys couldn't wait to play in it. Their Mum has given it a coat of paint, blue and cream, a change from the pink and purple it was painted when they bought it. The boys are off to school today. It will be Jake's first day at Prep and Tom will be in grade 2. They are growing so fast. My two eldest grandkids will be in Grade 11 and Grade 7. Starting to feel old here so time to change the subject. The afternoon was spent catching up on step 5 of the mystery quilt. I sort of figured out how it might go together but will have to see when Helen posts the next set of instructions. It is looking good. Just have to iron all the seams so no photos this time.

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