Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday already!

Here it is Friday and I don't seem to have achieved much this week. I have had a quick look through some of my unfinished projects and have decided to work on a coffee mug bag for my January Wisp. I have the stitchery finished and the materials cut out so just have to put it together. I have also been working on Block 8 of Sunshine Frolics by Natalie Bird and have nearly finished the stitchery part. I have the other 7 blocks finished. Only one more to go after this and I can put all the blocks together. I have been doing the BOM through Honeysuckle Cottage. The quilt uses pinks and soft greens in it and is turning out quite well. These are not colours I have used much but I really like how it is looking. I have also been looking through my stash for fabrics to use in Helen's Great Summer Holiday Mystery Quilt ( check out logo on side bar ). I'm hoping I can find enough fabric and be ready for next week to start this project. Well must go, till next time. Noela

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