Saturday, October 12, 2013

Aiming for Accuracy Blocks 13 & 14, Let's Celebrate a Birthday

Just a quick post. So much secret sewing going on but will be able to reveal a couple of things next week I hope.
Still working on by A4A QAL blocks. Here is a photo of block 13 (the checkered strip along the bottom) attached to the rest of the blocks that make up Section A.
 Now to work on Block 14 and join Section B together.
Also this week I  finished my birthday gift for Kali, my partner in Mrs Martin's Let's Celebrate swap.
This is the wrapped parcel that I posted last Thursday so hopefully it will arrive by Tuesday the 15th which is Kali's birthday.  Will post a photo of what I made and sent then.
I did the above draft this morning but since then,  Kali sent me an email and she has received the parcel but is going to wait until her birthday to open it so won't put up any photos till then.
Also I have been working on my Block 14 and am pleased to say it is now finished and Section B is together and attached to Section A.
Filler blocks added

Section A and B together.
I am so happy, it is coming together very nicely.
Must close now as the computer is doing funny things.  Hope everyone is having a great week-end.
Till next time...... Happy Stitching...........


  1. Your quilt is looking beautiful, lovely progress!

  2. your quilt is looking fantastic Noela.well done.xx

  3. Your blocks look so beautiful all together like that! Well done! :0)

  4. Beautiful blocks, love the colours.

  5. your quilt is lookin gfantastic...


  6. I love your quilt Noela..your piecing is fabulous. Your parcel is still sitting in front of me and begging me to open it, but so far I am resolute.

  7. Wonderful blocks. Fantastic colors. Grit from Germany

  8. You sound like you have been very busy. The quilt is looking very, very nice.

  9. Beautiful blocks and very cosy colours!