Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday Night Sewing

Friday night I joined other stitchers to work on some of my projects.  I have been unable to post about it due to some disaster with the internet in my area which has left me without any access since Friday morning.  This morning when I got up and noticed the orange light was still on, I was really annoyed but decided that as I had been told on Saturday it could take up to 48 hours to fix,  I would give it a bit longer before I rang again.  By 11.00 the green light had come on so all is well again.
Here are some pictures of the sewing I did using a pre cut.  I was going to use a charm square but then decided to use a Crazy Eight turnover which I have had in my stash for ages.

Here are some of the blocks ready for stitching.  The turnover makes 9 blocks .  I alternated light and dark turnovers in the pin wheel. 

First block finished up on my wall.

For the last  block, I ran out of  light turnovers.  Luckily I had some leftover Crazy 8 honey bun strips from a previous quilt and was able to piece 4 light turnovers for the centre block. 
I stitched a few more blocks to-day so only have 2 more to go before I can put it together.  The pattern I used is one I found on You Tube by the Missouri Quilt CO.  I would have liked to be able to check back with the tutorial as I went but with no internet, I had to go with the few notes I had made previously.
As I also stitched along with the Friday Night Stitch In ladies as well, I  made two more blocks towards my Cabin in the Woods quilt designed by Janelle Wind.  This quilt was a pattern that was part of Christmas in July put on by Quilt Fabric Delights which I joined last month.  In all over the month everyone received more than 15 patterns. One more block to go then a narrow red border followed by a half square triangle border and final outer border.
I'm very pleased with what I managed to get done so a big THANKS to Heidi and Bobbi  (FNSI) and Sarah and Roseanne (PRE CUT SEW IN).  I had a great night and am now going to check out what everyone else did.   Till next time.... Happy stitching.......


  1. Great work Noela - isn't it frustrating when the Internet dies...Glad its recovered.

  2. Noela what a lovely blog you have, I just want to stay & see it all! Wow, I do love your pinwheels. Me not being a quilter, I imagine these require careful placing & stitching... You were at two parties at the one time, clever thing you are!

  3. So pleased your internet is working again. The pinwheels are looking lovely.

  4. Popping in via FNSI...your pinwheel looks great. What exactly is a turnover?

  5. Hi Noela! What good going with your Fridays sewing! Love the pinwheel turnover block!
    x Sarah
    PS: Email me.... you won a little something for participating in the Pre-Cut Party!

  6. congrats on your win Noela and great blocks you have done.xx

  7. Hi Noela
    Congratulations on your win!!

  8. Wow Noela those turnovers are so great...i need some of them. I hate cutting out. Your blocks look great.