Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting ready for Xmas

Above is the Secret Santa gift I received at my Quilt Group break-up last week.  Lots of lovely Xmas themed goodies which will be put to good use on Christmas Eve when we have our family gathering. I forgot to take a photo of my gift but it was along similar lines with a Xmas mug, a mug rug, some choccies and shortbread biscuits. I'm hoping Xmas Eve will be a nice sunny day so the grand-kids and grown-ups can enjoy a swim in the pool.  We have been swimming most days but I must say the water is still very cool although once the initial shock of that first dive in is over, it is quite pleasant.
I'm afraid I haven't been in my sewing room for well over a week but am hoping to do a bit of stitching next week.    I have only a couple of gifts still to buy and have wrapped most of the other gifts so that part of  Xmas is under control. Beside shopping this week and the usual Xmas clean-up, I took my grandson Jake to the movies.  We saw Puss 'n' Boots in 3D.  We both enjoyed it and ate lots of popcorn and ice-cream while we were there.  This week Tom, Jake's brother is down for 3 weeks.  It will be lovely to catch up with him as I haven't seen him in a while. Scott is on holidays so my Grandma duties will have a well earned break for a couple of weeks.

This is what I have been dabbling with the last couple of weeks.  Hope to finally complete it this week.  Been a while since I have played around with my paints but am enjoying the experience again.  The worst part is cleaning the paint brushes when I'm finished.  The end result will be worth it though and I guess the poor reindeer, gingerbread man and penguin would like it if I finished painting their faces.
Today we are going to my nieces for a family lunch.  I have made a cheese cake to take so hope it tastes okay.  Just have to whip the cream.   Till next time..........

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  1. Enjoy your Nanna break Noela...a nice cuppa in your new Chrissy mug would be nice. I haven't braved our pool yet...brrr!
    Love your painting too.