Monday, April 26, 2010

Last 4 Pinwheel Blocks

I have spent a busy week packing up my kitchen. Tomorrow, out with my 20 year old one and in with the new one. I am getting excited now as I will have new appliances including a dishwasher which I haven't had in this house before. Of course, learning how to use them all seems like a daunting task. The worst part will be putting all the stuff I have just taken out, back. I am determined not to keep things I don't use anymore and have thrown out a few things already. Only the food in the pantry to go now and some tiles to pull up off the floor. I only have a small house so it seems like every room except the bathroom and toilet has kitchen stuff in it. One good thing is that I will need to be home for most of the week so I am hoping I can get a bit of quilting done as I won't be able to do much in the house.
I have managed to get the last 4 blocks of the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt done. The last 2 blocks were ones that we had to pick ourselves. Rachael from ps i quilt gave us several we could choose from so I chose to make one called Rangers Pride. I am really happy with the block and found it easy to do. I must admit that I am more comfortable with making pinwheel blocks now. Need to make another quilt so I can make okay blocks from the start. Might wait a while for that though as I have lots on the go.

Rangers Pride blocks above and below.

I think my favourite blocks might be the two above.
This is Block 7 of my Love is stitcheries. Block 8 will be ready to download today so at least I am keeping up with this BOM.
Well must go now, the pantry awaits.........

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