Saturday, November 7, 2009

What to Do?

I can't believe I haven't blogged for so long. Time just seems to be slipping away as we get closer to December. Need to start Christmas shopping soon as usually by this time of the year, I have most of it done. Trying to think of what to buy is the hardest thing for me this year, I don't know why, just seem to be out of ideas. Hopefully, I will get inspiration soon.......
I've been working on A Christmas Wish BOM by Gail Pan this past week. Have finally stitched all the 2&1/2 inch squares around the blocks and am about to add my last border. I have 2 choices of material, either a red floral or a plainer green stripe, both already used in the quilt. I thought I would go with the red and bind with the green but now, I'm not sure. Laying it out on the bed makes me think the red is just too much and when asked, my hubby said he thinks so to. 'Too busy' were his exact words. Below are the photos I took of the top laid out on both fabrics. I think I'm leaning towards the green. Watch for an update or if you have an opinion, leave a comment which will be most welcome.
Here is my Bunny Hill finish for October just in time for November's to arrive. Halloween seems to be catching on here more every year. My grandson Josh had a couple of friends over to his place and by the looks of the photos (sorry I don't have any) had a pretty scarey time. I could only recognize him by his red hair stitcking out from his mask. Good costume Josh.
This photo is of my grand-daughter having her first driving lesson with my son. She drove up from the Gold Coast. It took me back to when my boys first started to drive. Not a pleasant experience for me as I was quite nervous sitting beside them. Luckily we all survived, me especially. When it came the time for my daughter to get her licence, she opted for an automatic one and I had a manual car so no lessons from me. Phew!!!!!
Well, that is all from me this time. Great to see the rain here in Queensland, just need a bit more. bye for now..........


  1. Noela, I think I like the red for the borders.

  2. Hi Noela, I have to agree with Tereasa - I love the red border and I would use the same fabric for the binding. It looks great.. I must put mine together..before Christmas would be good. xx

  3. Hi Noela,
    yes it certainly is that time of year - I so love Christmas, but it is hard to think of new ideas for presents sometimes. Your Christmas Wish quilt is looking great, and me, I'd definitely go with the red! I have just put mine together and am also trying to decide on a border fabric. Have fun!

  4. Congrats on getting your Christmas Wishes so far along! Mine has been sitting waiting for me for a long time now. I'd sure love to get it done before Christmas! I personally like the red border you have better. Have fun finishing it off! :0)