Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My quilting room

Here are photos of my quilting room. It is almost a year since half the garage was transformed and I transferred all my quilty bits from the house to my new blue room (hence the name for my blog was born). What a marathon that was. It was hard to believe all the things I had accumulated since quilting became my passion but it did give me a chance to discover things I had forgotten I had bought and tucked away for when I had time to do them. Of course, even in retirement, there is still never enough time.

This is my John Watts quilter which I have been looking at and pondering over for almost a year. I have about 6 quilt tops to finish but keep putting it off. I am going to have to bite the bullet soon and just use it for the purpose intended and not as a storage area for unfinished projects.

Oh how I love my new Bernina. Had it for a while before I used it, how silly was that. I just love the needle down function, blanket stitch and the fact that I can sew at half speed which makes it so much easier when you are stitching fiddley things like quarter inch bias tape.
I have been busy working on my projects but haven't got much to show at present. As you can see in the photo above, I am quilting my Verandah Views quilt and just have to add the binding to that. If you read my previous post, I went with the red border for A Christmas Wish and it is in the handquilting stage.
The computer is doing funny things so will close this now so I don't lose this post but be back soon with more finishes, I hope. Cheers for now...........


  1. Great sewing room's fantastic. Go on, bite the bullet... once you start you will be fine, and once you finish your first quilt, there will be no looking back, and you'll wonder why you were worried in the first place. Take care xx

  2. I love your sewing room! I only have a corner of our living room for my sewing. I've told the kids that whoever moves out first, I get their room for my sewing! :0)