Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ekka Trip & BOM's Nearly There!

Above Verandah Views. Below A Christmas Wish with 1 block to go. The red fabric on top is for the last block.
Block 8 completed.
Here are a couple of photos of A Christmas Wish BOM and Verandah Views BOM. I have the sashing on all the blocks and are up to date. Only 1 more month of blocks then borders and they will be finished. Looking really good even if I do say so myself. I have used Aviary material for VV's and Holly Go Lightly for A Christmas Wish. It will be lovely to see these when they are completed.

Here is Jake in the animal nursery with a calf who looks like he's trying to get away from him. This was taken yesterday when I went with my son and grandsons to the Brisbane Ekka. We went in by train which worked out quite well. The boys started eating the minute we hit the station with Jake tucking into a chocolate chip cookie purchased from the vending machine. We all had a great day enjoying a variety of foods including a dagwood dog and a strawberry icecream which are usual Ekka fare. The boys had some rides including the chairlift which is to be dismantled later this year due to the area being redeveloped. They played some games and won the usual stuffed toys. They checked out the animal nursery and of course bought some sample bags to take home. As everyone was quite tired by days end, we decided to forgo the fireworks and head on home before dark. Boy, did I sleep well last night with no waking up till morning.
Here we are at the train. Oh, I really hate photos. I looked tired even before we got there!
Below, the boys on their way to sideshow alley.
Tomorrow, Chris is off to the Nostalgic Drags at Willowbank and I am going to have a quilting day. Need to get my projects for the quilting camp ready as only 2 weeks to go............

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  1. Hi Noela, the BOM's look terrific. Well done for keeping up. Wasn't the Ekka fun this year...the crowds were no where near as bad as last year (thank goodness)... we had so much fun too.xx