Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catching Up Slowly!

Above are 2 more blocks of my BOM's finished. A Christmas Wish Block 7 and Verandah Views Block 7. I have almost completed Block 8 of VV as well. I am slowly catching up but still have a way to go. While watching TV the other night, my hubby asked me if I was back to doing the ordinary stuff now? It made me have a bit of a laugh as most nights when I look over at him he is sitting beside me having a snooze so I guess he does take notice of what I am doing sometimes. I suppose I was a bit stressed when I was trying to get Deb's quilt done and he is just happy to have things (me in particular) back to normal till the next time.
Yesterday was my group day. A wonderful day as always catching up with some lovely ladies who have become great friends. We are all working on a Stained Glass window block to put into a quilt. The blocks all contain Australian native flowers. My block is Sturt's Desert Pea. I have traced the design on my background and now have to add the fabric, then the black bias. Robyn, one of our ladies, has done a class so is helping us through the ins and outs of how to apply the bias tape to the block. We are all enjoying learning this new technique.
I was lucky enough to win a pattern from Gail Pan on her blog last week. It arrived in the post yesterday. The pattern is called Buttons and Bows. How exciting is that? Thanks Gail.......


  1. Hi Noela,
    our menfolk surprise us at times huh, your needlework is really lovely, I like to sit at night while catching up on TV, just cannot sit without my hands doing something..
    and how lucky to win Gail's lovely pattern!

  2. I was caught up too...until a few days ago when the new blocks came out for August! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Good luck to you! :0)