Monday, January 25, 2016

FNSI, The Splendid Sampler, C is for Christmas.....

I am running really late with my post about FNSI hosted by Wendy. Thank you Wendy for hosting & encouraging me and others to get sewing.
I had intended to get into my sewing room early on Friday night but best laid plans were changed when my son asked if his two boys could spend the day with me as he had to work. We had a lovely time, it was very hot so we spent most of the time in the pool. Of course like most kids of today the rest of the afternoon was spent playing games on their computers and asking me what else I had to eat that was yummy. By the time their Dad picked them up, my good intentions were slowly disappearing but I needed to make some decisions on fabric, so out to my room I went.
I have decided to join in 'The Splendid Sampler' hosted by Pat Sloan & Jane Davidson. It is starting on the 14th of February, there will be 100 blocks, 6" finished, 2 blocks per week Sunday  & Thursday and 87 designers sharing a block with those who joined up.
So my first job for the night was to go through my stash and pick the fabrics I was going to use. I may have to buy some background fabric but will wait and see as we progress through a few blocks.

This took me forever to choose but I finally decided to go with a Sweetwater fabric range called Reunion. I have a fat eighth pack, some yardage, a layer cake, jelly roll and a charm pack so think this should be enough. Fingers crossed. I am so happy to be part of this group.

The other thing I worked on was some stitching on this table runner. Got the hand stitching done on some of the hexagons, but need to complete a few more before I can join them together and have a finish. This is a Michelle Ridgway design which I have been working on for a long while.

Well I have a few more things to tell you but I will leave them for another day. Last year had lots of things happening in my life and I lost my way a bit, hoping this year will be much better.
Happy Stitching until next time..... Hugs..........      


  1. Great fabric choices for the blocks!

  2. Look forward to joining you and watching your progress in the splendid sampler .x

  3. Preparation for projects takes time so good that you got that job out of the way.

  4. will be great to sew with you on the sampler - love your fabrics... lovely stitchery you are doing too

  5. Really looking forward to "Splendid" though how I will keep up is a bit of a mystery for now!!

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