Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Xmas Break, Initial Heart Swap, Xmas Stitching, Tassie Trip.

For someone who was going to post more often in 2014, it has not been a good start so far but I have some good excuses, I promise.
My hubby had some holidays so after the rush of Xmas, we spent much of our time cooling down in here.
Although just before New Year, we did get some large trees cut down in the back yard so spent a couple of days, Chris cutting up the branches,(as I am not allowed near the chain saw) and me helping load the Ute and trailer with all of this.

After 2 days and 9 trailer and Ute loads to the tip, our yard now looks tidy again. Sorry, forgot the after photo. All this was done in high temperatures so no worries about our extra Christmas kilos disappearing.
I also spent 2 days searching the sales for a dress to wear to a wedding but just couldn't find one that I liked. In desperation I looked in our local boutique only 6 minutes away from home, and found something I was happy with....amazing. Last week I went looking for shoes and a bag so now I am all set. We are flying off to Tasmania at the end of this week, to stay with Chris's Dad and to attend our niece's wedding on the 25th January at Peppermint Bay, then back on the 26th in time for Grandma duties and the start of a new school year.
I have managed to get into my sewing room and have a tidy up before commencing on some secret sewing for my Initial Heart Swap gift. I hope to have it finished before we leave on Sunday so it will be ready for posting when I get home. The stitcheries are completed, just getting the fabrics sewn together today.
Above is a sneak peek.
I have also completed the last two stitcheries of a  Michelle Ridgway Xmas design. I am a bit behind as most of the other girls who were stitching along, including Michelle, have theirs finished. I'm getting there Michelle.

For my thread, I used a Cottage Garden one called Mistletoe and am using Nancy Halvorsen fabrics to frame them. The stitcheries are very pretty so am looking forward to having this finished soon.  
Before I go, I want to show you a couple of gifts I received in the post.
I won this gift from Narelle for being part of 1 Xmas Item a Month. Thank you to Narelle for giving us the incentive to get some Xmas items done early. I can't believe I actually posted about a finish every month for the year.You can join again in 2014 so just head over to Pins and Whiskers blog to read all about it and sign up.
A diary, tea, coffee, a beautiful handmade card and a jotter pad that states 'I'm a Quilter I can always use more fabric' all wrapped in  fabric and tied with ric rac. Will have to show this to Chris when he next says "Do you really need more fabric?"
I also won a gift from Cath from Bits'nBobs for being a commenter on her blog for November. Cath also was my partner for the Santa Sack Swap so when I  got another parcel from her it was a big surprise. Luckily she had my address as I was a bit lax in checking out blogs at that time. This will be a good one for my next Xmas item so it is prepared and will journey with me to Tassie. The kit included the stitching fabric, all the threads and beads, just need to work out how to display it when finished. Thank you Cath.
Well must go and give my sewing machine a workout. Till next time ......Happy Stitching.


  1. A good newsworthy blog report Noela, even if have been busy - don't fancy lugging all that bush around. Christmas project looks lovely and the new one from Cath too.

  2. You have had a busy time with cutting and carting away trees. Lovely work with your Christmas hanging. Some lovely gifts for you too.
    Hugs xx

  3. Oh wow YOU have been busy. Great wins too... lucky you so sit back and enjoy! :)

  4. Wow! That must have been very hot work in our recent weather. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Tassie and enjoy the wedding. No pressure on the wall hanging from me..looking good! Love the little stitchery you are taking with you. Beautiful gifts too.

  5. Have a great time in Tassie Noela, sounds like you are going to have that stitchery done in a jiffy!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  6. Sounds like you've been pretty busy Noela. Have a great time in Tassie!

  7. Your pool looks lovely and inviting. I'm sure you enjoyed it after the and work. A wedding in Tasmania will be fun (and cool).

  8. well done with the big job in the yard and your secret project looks so pretty..y I love how you are doing Michelles ... lots of lovely prizes... have a wonderful time in Tassie...

  9. The pool looks very inviting, I am sure it is well used this summer. It looks like you have been busy! Lovely winnings and lovely stitcheries - better late than never!!

  10. I know working in the garden is sometimes hard work, but it feels so good when everything is looking good, Love the stitchery.

  11. Have a wonderful time in Tasmania, love all the finishes, the swaps look great can't wait to see what you get, happy stitching.

  12. My goodness You have been busy
    Love the colours you are using for the initial heart swap and your stitcherys look great Im sure you will catch up
    Enjoy your Tassie trip

  13. So much happening at your place, lovely stitching....the pool looks great......

  14. Ugh I hate yard work. Instead of a holiday to Tassie are you sure you dont want to pop down to Adelaide and tidy up my yard?

    Love the sneaky peek and your Christmas Stitcheries. So pretty!

    Have a wonderful break. One thing is guaranteed the weather down in Tasmania will definitely be cooler than what we’ve been experiencing on the mainland of late..Im melting....

  15. Lovely stitchery you have been very busy at least you have the pleasure of looking at all your beautiful gardening projects with satisfaction :-)

  16. Nine trailers full . . . you were busy, weren't you :) That pool looks mighty nice, especially in our cold winter temps. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished project, love the Christmas embroidery.
    If you have the time, come over and get in on my new Give-A-Way.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  17. There's no place like the pool in our hot aussie weather. Hope you enjoyed it. Lovely stitching going on at your house.
    Cheers, Anita.