Saturday, October 15, 2011

A nice surprise, work in progress......

How lucky am I? I won this beautiful diary by being a follower on The Quilters' & The Embroiderers' Store's new blog. Thank-you Karen. Went to check out the blog last week and there was my name along with three other winners. The diary contains some lovely photos in it so will enjoy using it very much next year.

Here is a stitchery I completed for a Xmas table runner I am making. Unfortunately, I didn't allow enough fabric around the outside and when I went to cut it out, it isn't quite big enough. I have traced another one to stitch. I guess I might be able to use this one for the label. Not happy with myself at all at the moment

I bought this small hanging in America so thought I would try to get it finished by Halloween. It goes on a stand and is part of a series done by Nancy Halvorsen. I also bought the December block as well. Haven't done any blanket stitch applique for a while so had to check out Lynette Andersen's blog for her tutorial on the way she does blanket stitch. Finally found it back in a September 2009 blog entry.
Well must close now as I am off to my quilting room to hopefully get lots of work done.


  1. Congratulations on the win Noela.. I'm sure you will think of something to use the stichery on.. it's lovely.. I bet you were annoyed with yourself. Would it make a nice centre for a Christmas mug rug to match your table runner? or a cover for a Christmas journal cover? Love the Halloween block xx

  2. Nice diary you won! And I love your bats! :0)