Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Tamborine camp photos, OPAM finish

Above is the place mat I made for the camp and is my OPAM finish for this month. Below are a couple of photos of the tables with the place mats being used. They made our meal times quite festive.
Below are photos of some of the quilts the ladies brought along for show and tell. The first two were part of a previous challenge where participants were given 2 mens shirts and were asked to make a quilt out of them adding 1 or 2 extra fabrics supplied by them. The results are quite amazing when you think what the ladies started with.

This quilt was made using scraps from the quilters stash.
Lovely rain here at present so hoping I might get some UFO's finished as well as a tidy up of my quilting room. My grandparent duties are not required on this lot of school holidays as my grandson is up north visiting his mother and brother for the 2 weeks. I hope they are all having a wonderful time together.

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  1. Like you placemats,very exciting colours:-)
    And lovely quilts have certainly come out of shirts!!