Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time slipping away : Here comes CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Here are my three grandsons : Josh, Jake & Tom with Grandma. My granddaughter was MIA when this photo was taken.
Well I seem to be going round in circles. I am so unorganised this year, gift shopping not finished (hardly even started), cards not written and no thoughts of decorating but time just keeps passing, more quickly with each day. One BIG sigh or maybe two. It may have something to do with my turning 60 on Christmas Day but I think I am cool with that as it is only a number. The kids talked me into having a small luncheon at the RSL club last Saturday, just family & a few old friends. It is always too hard to have something nearer the day as most people have other Christmas festivities to attend. I had a great day and was glad my arm was twisted to have it as my friend of 50 years was there and others I hadn't seen in a while. Chris, my hubby, celebrates his birthday on the same day but his 60th isn't until next year. He doesn't like parties for himself so unsure what will happen when it comes round, perhaps a surprise or maybe not.
The photo below is of my newest finish. A very small container to sit next to the sewing machine so when I cut my threads they have somewhere to go and not on the floor. I found the pattern on the net. It is called a friendship bag and also has a tutorial to go with it. PS I Quilt is the name of the blog. I have the link in my blog list on my sidebar if you are interested in having a look. I'm thinking of making some in xmas fabric and filling them with wrapped sweets as little gifts. The bag also has handles on it if you wish but in this case I left them off.
The following photos are of the stitcheries I am trying to finish that will go on my machine cover and my machine mat. Both projects are waiting for this to be finished before I can proceed. I have been doing it for ages but there is a lot of stitching so I can't be too hard on myself. Leaves and some small flowers to go.
Machine cover and tape border stitcheries below. The same material will be used for the mat and cover as used in the thread catcher. Debbie Mumm fabric, not sure of the name but have had it for years. The pattern is by Bareroots.

I have a couple of other things I'm working on but can't show pictures just yet. Someone might be looking. Well that's about it for today. See you next time.................

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  1. Lovely photo of you and the boys Noela. Great projects can't wait to see them finished, maybe you will have more stitching time now you won't have to clean up the threads on the floor. Hows the needleturn going ?