Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting ready for Boonah Camp / Oscar

This little fellow is my cat Oscar. He is usually perched on my knee helping me with my stitching but last night he decided he was just tooooo tired to help so he sat on the arm of the chair, covered his eyes and slept. I must say, I got a lot more stitching done then I usually do. We inherited him as a kitten after some kind soul threw him out of their car as they were driving along the highway and he just happened to sail over my son's car bonnet. He luckily survived his ordeal and has turned out to be lovely natured puss.
I am getting quite excited as this week-end is our quilting camp at Boonah, the second for the year. Eleven of us will head off on Friday morning for the 3 day camp. I have a few things on the go so will just take them along to try and finish some off. I have completed the stitchery on my Mistletoe Madness quilt top so hope to get this basted together ready to begin hand quilting when I get back. I also have more borders to go on Kym's quilt, A Christmas Wish quilt and my Beach Days quilt (photos in previous posts) so am sure this will be enough to keep me busy. I always think I will get such a lot done but we usually do more talking and laughing than anything else so in the long run, we all come home feeling great and that's really what matters.


  1. Thanks for the comment on mine x
    Found yours again through it, have fun on your weekend away
    very pretty blog, off to read more

  2. Hi Noela, Hope you have a great time at camp this weekend. It sounds like heaps of fun. Nothing wrong with talking and laughing, but I hope you get some of your projects finished. See you when you get back xx