Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sal finish, 1 Xmas Item a Month, Secret Sewing, Other projects.

I have finished my pin cushion for SAL 2013. It is quite a cute pattern. I used a hexagon patterned fabric instead of making the hexagons as I haven't made them before and didn't want to start with half inch ones. The project for next month has hexies in it so will make these as they are a bit bigger. I also used blanket stitch applique instead of needle turn.
Photo 1. Pieces ready to join together. Photo 2. Front of pin cushion. Photo 3. Top of pin cushion  
Below is a photo of the mini quilt I've finished for June's 1 Xmas Item a Month hosted by Narelle from Pins and Whiskers. I had stitched two angel stitcheries, the first one I made into a wall hanging (for last month's item)and this one into a mini quilt for June. Another  Nancy Halvorsen pattern  from one of her books.
I have been doing lots of secret stitching also as I am in a few swaps, mostly Christmas ones so lots of projects on the go. Also for this month's 13 UFO's in 2013, the UFO I am working on are these two mini quilts to be displayed on my table quilt hanger for October and December. So will be pleased to have them finished to use this year.
Secret Sewing

Oct & Dec Mini quilts.
 Well it has taken me over an hour to do this post. I am getting so frustrated with my internet. Have been on the phone for over an hour this morning trying to sort out why I am getting the same e-mails over and over again and not getting the rest of the 45 I am supposed to have left sitting in my inbox. Have to wait for a call back later when someone in the technical department checks it out. No answer to the slow service though. Enough whingeing for now.   So till next time, whenever that might be.  I am going to sew and stitch........  Hugs.......


  1. Gorgeous stitching Noela...yes technology is wonderful when it works.LOL Enjoy your stitching.

  2. Hi Noela - wow you have a lot on the go at the moment, I do love the Dec mini quilt, what a cute Santa!
    I hope you get the tech issues sorted out soon, such a pest when that happens... x

  3. Your pincushion looks so pretty, in fact all your projects are lovely! Hope the internet issues are sorted soon for you. xx

  4. Love your pincushion - and I have those calendar blocks on my "maybe one day" list.
    the internet is like "men" - can't live with them or without them ... (who else is going to take the garbage bin out????)

  5. Love the pin cushion. You will be addicted to hexies when you do have a go. They are just so portable. Hope your internet gets sorted quickly for you.

  6. Your little pincushion is so pretty.

  7. You have made a gorgeous pin cushion and using "hexie" fabric was a great idea.
    Hope your internet problems have been solved.

  8. All your projects are fantastic! LoVe 'em! :)

  9. Love your pincushion Noela. The fabrics are gorgeous. That 'hexie' fabric is great... would never have known you hadn't pieced it. Looks like you've got a head start on Christmas... lovely projects. Hope you get your tech problems sorted soon.... :o)