Monday, August 18, 2014

12"Mini Swap, FNSI, Sunday Stitchers Meet.

I can now show the 12" Mini I sent to O'faigh in the June swap. I received an email last week to say the parcel has been opened  so I can post some photos of what I sent.

The hanging with some chocolate and a  mini charm pack.

Thank you to Cheryl (our Swap Mumma) for providing us with a label to add to the back. I hand-stitched mine.
For FNSI, I worked on my Gossip block for this month. I'm afraid I did a lot of unpicking as I tried to make my Periwinkle blocks. This is the first time I have made these using the template pattern provided and I soon learnt that precision cutting and stitching is required to make sure they fit together nicely. I ended up getting three that I was happy with so these were joined together to make up the bottom row. I also finished off the stitching on the other blocks. Now only 13 more star blocks to go. Wish me luck.

A big THANK YOU to Wendy for again hosting FNSI.
Early on Sunday, I headed off to our Sunday Stitchers Group meet at Ormeau.
We had a few people unable to attend due to various reasons but it was still a great day. The noise level was definitely on a par with other days. It was Debbie's Birthday so here she is opening her Birthday Fat Quarters.

Of course, Birthday cake was the order of the day.

This is a little mini Cheryl brought for show and tell. It is made with a very small twister tool using a mini charm pack. It was so cute.
Thanks Maree for organizing another lovely day and thanks to everyone for your wonderful company.

Well must close now. This post has taken forever to do. My computer has been so slow tonight.
Till later.........  Happy Stitching.........

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hot Rod Run, Sewing Catch-up.

Not sure where the last 10 days have gone since my previous post. I have had some family things happening so that can account for a few days. Also joined my hubby on the annual Goín' Country hot rod run on Saturday to Fernvale about an hour away. It was lovely to actually do something together as it seems ages since we have done this. It's always a great day as we meet up at Queens Park in Ipswich then journey up to our destination together. Left hubby to do the photo taking so not many photos to show.
They always have damper with butter and golden syrup on arrival, followed by a spit roast of pork and beef with all the trimmings which was delicious as usual.

A cool ride home but we came well prepared with woolly caps, scarves and a fleecy blanket.  

Have been working slowly on my Xmas Swap gifts as well as my Gossip in the Garden blocks. So far behind here, I feel like I will never catch up. Have nearly finished my circle row for the Row Along quilt I am doing with 6 other ladies from my Sunday Stitcher's group which needs to be ready by next Sunday so that is good.
Can't show any photos of most of the Xmas things or the circle row I am working on, so here are a few photos of the prep for my Gossip blocks.

Template cutting for the border stars, so many pieces. Still have to cut out the background templates.

Trying to plan ahead and cutting some hexies while I am on a roll with the other cutting out.
Well must go and get back into the sewing room. Until next time.... Happy Stitching......

Thursday, July 31, 2014

OPAM, 12 UFO's in 2014

I have finished my July UFO for 12 UFO's in 2014. This is my Wine table runner. I've decided to give it to my sister for her birthday. Thank you to Marti for hosting. You can check out the July finishes over here.

I have 5  finishes for OPAM this month :  Table Runner (above)

3 Xmas in July gifts

1 Xmas ornament

Thanks to Peg and Kris for hosting OPAM again this month.
I did one more finish this month, my mini quilt swap, but haven't shown a photo as yet because my recipient, O'faigh has been unable to open it as yet, so will wait until she does to post a picture.
Happy Stitching until next time...........

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Xmas in July-my sent gifts....

My gifts have been opened by Marc at Daisy Jayne so I can now post photos of them.

We had to choose gifts from a list using the letters from Christmas.
C is for  CANDLE ornament

I is for INSPIRATIONAL WORDS on a Xmas bag

T is for TREE in a wall hanging
Thank you Marc for your lovely email. So very happy you love your gifts.
Thanks must also go to Cheryll who hosted this wonderful swap. You are one fabulous Swap Mumma.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Xmas in July Swap.

I had to pop out this morning so on returning home, I was able to unwrap my Xmas in July gifts. They are from Cheryl from 'Cheryl's Stitchings'.
I love Xmas so was very excited to be opening them.  

A very pretty pinwheel table runner decorated with Snowmen

A jolly stitched Santa complete with tree button

and a  very cute Reindeer mat
Thank you Cheryl for my beautiful handmade presents. I love each one and can't wait to display them at Xmas.
Thank you also to our Swap Mumma Cheryll for hosting another successful swap.
Now to go and check out some blogs to see what everyone else received.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Special Night Out......

My grand-daughter Kiah has been attending the Australian Institute of Creative Design for the last 18 months. She graduated last week with a runway showing of all the graduates designs being held at Royal Pines at the Gold Coast.
Here are some photos of her collection. The brief was to design her own textile prints and use them to create a 21 piece ensemble of mix and match clothing adding other fabrics including cotton drills, imitation leather, sheer organza and cotton jersey to add textural features in her designs.

Me, Kiah and Deb my DIL.

Deb, me and Josh my GD.
I am really proud of what she has achieved, she had deferred her graphic design degree to do this but is now back at uni to finish that off before making a decision on where she wants to go from there.
I am feeling like one proud grandma at the moment.
Till next time...    Hugs........

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A very long post.......

Boonah Retreat :
Had a lovely time at my retreat a couple of weekends ago despite my disappointment at not finishing my chenille bag.The pattern needed a bit more explanation as to the direction of the fabric as the vases were lying across the fabric and not up as I expected they would and I didn't like it that way. My friend Jan's was the same so after spending most of the day on it, we packed them up to look at another time.

Other things I worked on was another Xmas ornament for the Xmas box and the start of a Xmas topper.

I still have to cut this out with my Twister ruler and hopefully, it will look like a Xmas Wreath when I finish putting it back together.
I also worked on some hexies for a mystery row along quilt I am doing with 7 other ladies from my Sunday Stitches group but can't show any photos of this until the quilts are revealed in a few months time.
Here are a couple of candid photos from the weekend.
Relaxing over a bit of lunch.

Jan and I working on her other bag . At least success with this one.

Lorraine almost finished her grandsons Car Quilt.

Now these girls were suppose to be sewing but Candy Crush got the better of them.

Of course it was lovely to see our usual friends were still there.

Christmas in July Swap hosted by Cheryll :

These are the parcels I received in the post yesterday from my Secret Santa.

 And these are the parcels I sent to my swap recipient last week. Hopefully they have arrived as well.
Not long to go now until we can open them. Have been good, with no touching happening until the 25th.

Sunday Stitchers :
Last Sunday, it was time to catch up with all my blog friends at our monthly get together. We always have a great time, lots of food, fun and laughter was the order of the day. I was lucky enough to win the lucky door prize, a lovely bag pattern by Rosalie Quinlan supplied by Maree. A big thank you  from me to you Maree.

Alison with her  Pillow Shams.

Susan with her Quilt Diva Wall hanging. If you look closely you can see her collection of badges and buttons.

Inca with her butterfly quilt.
I didn't get a photo of our Gossip in the Garden quilt but will borrow one from one of the other girls when they post about it. I didn't get much done on mine this month as I was waiting for the Dresden papers Maree had kindly offered to order for me. No excuses now to cut out and stitch those 64 Dresden blades into 4 blocks.
Will be back soon to post about my grand-daughter Kiah who had a showing of her first clothing collection along with 12 other girls last Friday night at the Royal Pines on the Gold Coast. They have all just finished their 18 month design course.
Until then.......Happy stitching.............