Saturday, June 8, 2013

Musical-Chicago, Cooly Rocks On.

It has been a busy 2 days for us as last night Chris and I attended the Southport State High musical production of CHICAGO.

Above are the photos of the cast, the flyer for the musical and a picture of my grandson Josh (still with his make-up on) and the character he played on the left : Amos Hart. I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't get a photo of him in costume but the teachers wouldn't allow them to come out to see us while still in costume after the play had finished.  I'm hoping Josh will have a photo taken by one of the other cast members tonight so I can have a better one of him to keep.  We really enjoyed the play and were very proud of the great job he did. Josh is very quiet and so to see him up on the stage saying his lines and even singing a song was wonderful. The whole cast were fantastic especially the leading ladies who played Roxy Hart and Velma Kelly. He has one more performance tonight and then it's a well earned couple of days off.
We stayed overnight at my son's place so we could go to 'Cooly Rocks On' at Coolangatta today. It doesn't seem a year since we last attended. Where is this year going?
Here are some photos of our day. The weather wasn't the best and the sunny skies were nowhere to be seen for most of the day although only a small amount of rain fell overall.
Photos from Kirra Headland looking down Marine Parade. A huge number of people attended.

Hot Rods, VW's and Corvettes in abundance.
So now, here we are at home,in our pj's, tired but happy and looking forward to catching up on some sleep and recuperating from all that walking we did today.  I think I definitely deserved that raspberry and white chocolate muffin I had for morning tea, don't you?
Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. Still two days to go.  See you next time.........  


  1. I know you deserved the muffin - and A rest!

  2. Enjoy the rest of your weekend so Glad the Concert went well for your Grandson.

  3. yep you deserved that muffin,and bravo to Josh,what a brilliant young man,so glad you had a fantastic time away.xx

  4. you certainly did deserve it, and hope you enjoyed every crumb of it. Sounds like a lovely time at the musical and then Coolie Rocks. Well done to Josh.

  5. Well done Josh....looks like a great time. A raspberry muffin. Yum :-)

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, well done to Josh. Your purchases and projects in the previous post look lovely, hugs Wendy

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