Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Family Time, Sal 2013, 1 Xmas Item A Month.

The last few days have been no sew days as I have had my eldest grandson over to stay.  He is 15 and goes into grade 11 this year so the time I get to spend with him is fast disappearing.  I love that he still wants to spend time here with me. He wanted  me to help him paint a picture for his room so we spent half a day looking through Folk Art books and with several designs set aside, he decided to go with a dolphin. I have plenty of cut-outs left over from my Folk Art days so we picked one and got started.   He has recently had a room update  and has a bit of a nautical theme happening so this was an ideal choice.   It's a while since we have painted together so I was hoping that the design would not be too difficult for him. A bit of instruction on the techniques he needed to use and below is the result.  I am very proud of the wonderful job he has done. The dolphin should look great on his wall.
He also gave his grandma a lesson in creating a photo collage so we both learnt something.
I have added the Sal 2013 logo to my side-bar.  This year we are doing projects from the three books shown. Some Kind of Wonderful (Anni Downs), Red Home and Tis the Season ( Natalie Bird).
I have also joined 1 Xmas Item a Month over at Narelle's blog .  If you would like to get a head start on Christmas for this year, head on over and check out what Narelle has to say.
Well must go, I am having a bit of trouble with posting.  Hope it works this time.  Till next time....Happy Stitching......


  1. I do love the dolphin, he has done very well and it will look great on the wall. You taught him well!!
    Hugs xx

  2. wow Noela you grandson has done an awesome job,it looks fantastic,well done mate.xx

  3. Fantastic. Great work. Such lovely time together. Enjoy your SAL.

  4. Your grandson looks a lovely lad...and talented too.

    Can't wait to be a grandma.

    Fiona x

  5. I think that boy has a definite artists eye. A fair swap I think you teach him painting and he teaches you IT stuff!

  6. Your GS did a great job of the Dolphin.. How nice to be able to make special memories with him...
    I have also joined SAL this year. Love working on the small projects.

  7. hope you enjoy the SAL.........welcome.........

  8. Wow, you and your grandson are very clever!

  9. What a fantastic picture your grandson as painted.
    I also joined SAL and 1xmas item a month.
    Look forward to reading your blg more fatten