Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parcel Arrives !!!!!

I have been stalking the letter box for the last couple of days waiting for my Paper Bag swap parcel to arrive from New Zealand. Well today, it did just that and I couldn't wait to open it. I was not sure what I would make with the materials until I received them. They are just lovely and I straight away thought they would look nice made into a ................. Will just have to wait until it is delivered to my swap partner to see how it turns out and I can share a photo.

The above photos are of the next blocks in the Verandah Views BOM and A Christmas Wish by Gail Pan. Both Block 6. I managed to get them done quite quickly and am now working on block 6 of a Tisket a Tasket.

Last week our quilt group went on an outing to Cleveland to visit some quilt shops as well as having lunch on the waterfront. It was the second anniversary of the group I am in and we wanted to mark the occasion by doing something together. I was very lucky as I had run out of the purple material I am using for Kym's quilt and didn't have enough for the last border. I was going to use some black I had in my stash but found the very same purple material whilst we were at one of the shops. How good was that!!! Now I can finish the quilt as I had originally planned.

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  1. What a coincidence Noela!!! The quilt group I'm in is 2 years old at the end of this month too ... and we meet at Cleveland!!! Did you pop into Bayside Stitchcraft while you were down here??? It really is a fabulous store, it's one of my absolute favourites ... AND it's my local :o)!!
    Joy :o)