Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Blog Catch-up........

Here I am at last. Where has time gone, you ask?............. Quilting, stitching, painting, babysitting (although my grandsons would not like me using the word baby), a little housework , some plant repotting and that's about it!! Whew ....... I feel tired just reading that.

I have finally finished my Punch Needle Holder. My first WISP for June. I am quite pleased with it as I really like doing punch needle. Have one of Rosalie Quinlan's designs from a Stitchers Dream Day Out I went to in Toowoomba a couple of years ago, so will have to find the pattern and maybe use it for my next project .

The first photo above is of the Verandah Views Blocks, 4, 5 & 6, to which I have added the sashings. The next photo is of the 6 blocks I have done so far. I am using 3 Sisters Aviary fabric. The blocks are arranged where they will sit in the finished hanging.
On the stitching front, I have been busy working on my Paper Bag Swap. Almost finished the stitcheries then all I need to do is put it together. Have already cut out the pieces so am hoping to have it finished and posted by next week. I have enjoyed reading some of the other blog updates on the Paper Bag Swap site and would like to thank Maree for hosting the swap.
On the babysitting front, I had the boys over whilst their parents had a well earned break at the movies and my grandson Thomas stayed with me on Saturday while his brother was at a football carnival. Tom gets a bit bored if it is a long day at footy and Grandma seemed like a better alternative. We played lots of board and computer games, as well spending time in the yard in between downpours. He enjoyed helping me pot some cacti I had been given and eating most of the food in the pantry so in all, we had a great day together. They grow so fast so its good when you can spend time with them and all those extra hugs you get can't be too bad either.

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  1. Your verandah views blocks look so pretty with the aviary borders. Just lovely.
    Love the pink bag too. It is very pretty.
    Look forward to seeing your paper bag swap item.