Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boonah Quilting Retreat

Last Friday we headed to 'The Outlook' at Boonah for our quilting group's retreat. We had a lovely time quilting, crafting, eating, laughing, talking, more eating and even more quilting. Within our group we have a varied number of handcrafts being undertaken including doll making, bag making, knitting/crochet and card making. A number of lovely things were made with many tips shared and everyone happy with what they had accomplished. I have made some wonderful friends since joining the group, one's I am sure I will have for many years to come. I was working on a quilt for my daughter Kym in black,white and purple. I cut up a quilt panel from Lorelie Harris with cats on it which I bought several years ago at a quilt show. The quilt is made up of 15 cat blocks with purple borders added and nine patch blocks in between with a central larger block. I got a bit bogged down with the centre block as I had miscalculated the measurements, not by much but as you know with quilting a quarter inch here or there makes all the difference. It is the first big quilt I have designed so I am not too unhappy with my efforts. It just meant I didn't get a lot done, so the photo above shows my nine patches. I also completed the cat blocks but forgot to take a photo of them. Will show more later when I get back to it after Easter.

This is just a short post as we leave today for Goulburn to attend the Hotrod Nationals. We will head up to Toowoomba this afternoon and stay there the night, leaving in the morning at 6am with 3 or 4 other hotrodders. Should be there by Thursday sometime with another stop over night on the way. Goulburn is about 1100 klms away in New South Wales. Morning temperatures in the area have been down to 4 degrees C so have packed some warm gear. Room in the hotrod's boot is quite minimal so we can't take too much but I have managed to fit in some quilting magazines and a couple of stitcheries that need completing. Well must close and finish those last minute things that need doing. Above is a photo of our hotrod - 1928 Model A Ford Roadster.

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  1. Hi Noela, Have a great Easter, we head off to Ayres Rock on Thursday night (after work) and I will catch up with you when I get back. Glad you enjoyed the retreat.
    Teresa XX