Saturday, April 18, 2009

Home from Goulburn

Homeward bound. One of many food and fuel stops. 34 Chevie on the left, 2 Model A's in the middle and a 36 Ford Coupe on the right.

Good-bye to Goulburn's mascot!

We arrived back home late Tuesday. The trip down and back was incident free except for our mate who, on the way back, after checking the water level in the radiator, accidentally left the cap off. Luckily we noticed the water pouring from his car at the first petrol stop so after he purchased a new radiator cap (couldn't find the old one) and filled the radiator with water, all went well. We had a lovely week away and enjoyed the Nationals very much. Plenty of cars to see and activities to attend. The Saturday night cruise through the centre of town was very popular with many locals lining the streets even though it was a bit wet. In all, the weather was pretty good with the Sunday Show and Shine at the showgrounds being quite hot and sunny. We encountered a fair bit of rain on the way home and had to zip our removable windows in to keep dry. The next Nationals are in Western Australia but I think it will be too far for us to go for only a few days.
Since I have been back, I have only managed a short session in my quilting room. I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms big time. I have been able to trace out all the BOM's for April but have not managed to start stitching as yet. Today was family day with both the boys and their families coming over for a barby. It was lovely to catch up with them and see our grand-children again. Todd brought our dog Cain back looking much slimmer so I will have to try not to overfeed him. I think he enjoyed his visit with Brodie, Todd's dog, as they get on quite well. Tomorrow is Chris's last day of his holiday before going back to work so we will just take it easy and have a quiet day, maybe some stitching might be in order as the V8's are racing in New Zealand and Chris will be in front of the TV I'm sure.

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