Monday, September 9, 2013

My Sunday, Secret Santa Christmas Swap.

Today was my last day having  my grandson staying with us while his Dad was away fishing, so yesterday we took Jake to Wynnum -Manly for a swim, a play and lunch.  He had a great time doing all those things and below are a few photos of his day.
The water isn't cold Grandma.  Are you coming in !

Maybe a bit of climbing before lunch.

Too much climbing, I need a rest. Might just catch a ride on this blue whale. 

This one is a bit bigger. Think I might make it to the top this time.  You can look Grandma, I won't fall.
We had fish and chips for lunch followed by an icecream cone.  In all a great day and a wonderful close to Jake's stay with us.  For me it's back to school drop-offs and pick-ups on Wednesday after a well earned rest tomorrow although I may have bedtime story withdrawal for a few days.  I was really enjoying reading the same story I read to his father many years ago.

My quilting progress has not been the best this last week so apart from some embroidery I haven't got to my sewing machine since I came home from camp last week.
I did manage to sign up for Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap although I nearly missed seeing the post, so glad I saw it before it was too late to join.  This will be my third year as part of this swap.
The swap has closed now so am looking forward to getting my partner's name soon so I can plan what to make.
Luckily I have a few Xmas goodies on the go and in my gift box already as I am in a few swaps this year.
Well must go..... Till next time........... Happy stitching..............        


  1. We never stop worrying so we?? whether its our children or our children's' children...but how lovely to be reading the ssme stories.

  2. have fun planning for your SSCS partner..........

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day enjoying your grandson. I'm excited to be in the SSCS again too.

  4. Grandchild sleepovers are one of the joys of life aren't they? Looks like he (and you) has been having a brilliant time!

  5. It's great to see the kids enjoying themselves.i have joined SSCS,it's my first time and Im really looking forward to it.x

  6. Lovely day by the photos. W/M is one of our favourite family venues as well.

  7. Wow Noela hasn't he grown up, time fly's by so fast, the ultimate place to have fish & chips xx