Thursday, September 19, 2013

FNSI, Stitching update.

It's time to join in on another Friday Night Sew In over at Wendy's blog. It's a great way to stitch along with all your fellow bloggers and share a cuppa along the way. To sign up just click on the link.
I haven't done a lot in my sewing room of late but have been working on the stitcheries for my SAL projects. I got a pass for August but hope to finish both the bag and needle case for September. This will be the last of our projects for this year. Hopefully next year will bring a new challenge but that will depend on whether Chooky has enough time to co-ordinate it as she is one busy lady. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put in this year Chooky and also Susan who helped with the whip cracking when we all got a little slack and needed a push. It has been great being part of another SAL.  Now I had better get working on those last items or I might just be in trouble.

Stitching for both complete now.
I have also been working on my Aiming for Accuracy blocks.
A bit of fussy cutting going on.
And a bit of secret sewing going on as well.

And lastly, I did a bit of straight line stitching on the place mat I made at camp, just followed the shape of the mat. Looks better now.

So that's all from me, hope I will enjoy your company on Friday night.
Till then.........Happy Stitching..........


  1. More lovely things that you've made Noela!I love the fabrics in your secret sewing project :-)

  2. Theres a bit of secret sewing going on lately...Looking forward to Friday night sewing with you and and everyone else

  3. I spy with my little eye, secret sewing in vintage modern - looking good.

  4. It's been a fun SAL hasn't it Noella. 1st time I've joined in this one too. Lots of other lovely sewing going on as well

  5. Perfect stitching on the large place mat and I love those secret project fabrics!

  6. Lovely processes and place mat is adorable!


  7. Love your place mat and great projects !!!

  8. maybe we could combine efforts I have the piecing done and you have the stitchery