Thursday, August 22, 2013

A block, Redwork and a Day Out.

Yesterday I finished stitching together my 3rd block of Aiming for Accuracy.  I am so pleased with the result as the points look pretty good to me. Have started on Block 4 so that should be done by tomorrow. Block 5 is trimmed and ready to go as well. So I am on a roll at the moment so lets hope that keeps going.

Block 2 with Block 3 underneath.
I have also completed my Friendship quilt red work stitchery and think the Hugs and Kisses Cottage Garden thread looks lovely. Still have a couple of applique blocks to finish to catch up on this one.
Today, Chris and I played hooky and went on a mid-week hot rod run.  Only 6 cars went but it was a great day. We met at Yatala for morning tea and with Chris leading the way, we headed out to the Dougandan Hotel just outside Boonah about an hour away. I tried to get Chris to stop at Maynards in Boonah (lots of quilting fabrics found there) but couldn't convince him that this was a good idea.
This is where we ended up.

The cars had quite a few  people stopping to check them out.  Ours is the yellow one in the middle.
This is where we had a lovely lunch before getting back in our cars and heading for home.
It was pretty chilly in the hot rod this morning so I got to wear my woolly scarf and hat that I bought when we were in Tassie in March but by the time we had lunch it was quite warm.
Must go now as hubby wants his turn on the computer.  Tomorrow it's back to sewing.  Till next time.......Happy Stitching..........


  1. sounds like a wonderful day Noela and your car is awesome.xx

  2. It would have been a great day weather wise - so clear & sunny today. I must remember to check out Maynards next year - shame I hadn't heard before I was in Boonah earlier.

  3. Your blocks are looking so good. Sounds like a great day out.

  4. Your A4A blocks are looking great.
    Lovely friendship stitchery.
    Looks like a fun day out...
    Love those cars.. Would you like to come over to the West for our quilt show. We also have a vintage car display for the boys.. Could do with more cars....

  5. My husband would be flipping cartwheels over all these lovely car pictures.

    Love your blocks and your stitchery is darling!

  6. Your blocks look lovely. Nice day i out to a great pub. Must check out Maynards next time i go through Boonah. :) Hugs,xx.

  7. Yoiur blocks look great will be caught up soon.... lovely drive out... I think the scarves will be needed for a couple more days...


  8. Great Blocks Noela and a Nice day out!

  9. Now that's what I call Precision Piecing! Perfect! Love your stitchery and as for the Hot Rod.... what wouldn't I give for a ride in it :o) Looks like you had a smashing day out.

  10. Great blocks Noela, coming together nicely.

    What a lovely way to spend the day, friends and good weather too.


  11. Your blocks and stitchery look beautiful. Looks like a lovely day out, hugs Wendy

  12. Awesome day out Noela, bonas mid week too, enjoy your weekend xx