Friday, November 30, 2012

Swim Carnival, Friends Luncheon

This week has been quite busy and a bit hard to stick to my diet plan but despite all the things I should not have eaten this week, I braved the scales this morning and I have lost 6 kgs. So did a little dance around the bathroom before beginning the day.
On Wednesday, I attended my youngest grand-sons swimming carnival.  He swam in most of his age races and ended up getting 3 second places in butterfly, backstroke and freestyle and a third in breaststroke.  I was very proud of him. Below are a few photos.
On the blocks before the race. Jake has the blue cap on.

Making a start.

Here he is at home holding his ribbons. 
The place to be was in the pool though not on the sidelines as it was very hot.  In the end I found a seat and a shady spot under one of the few trees in the pool area so had a lovely time watching him race.

Yesterday, I drove up to Easts Rugby League Club in Brisbane to have lunch with some very old friends.  Most of them I have known  for over 35 years  when we volunteered together at our children's school tuck shop.  They still meet once a month and although I haven't been able to get there very often, I managed to catch up with them this month. I am in the above photo at the back.  It was like I had never been away as we chatted for several hours.    

They all exchanged small gifts as this is their last meeting before Xmas and to my surprise they all gave me one as well.  In the photo above, a friendship calendar, a Christmas tea-towel, a small photo album, a wallet with diary, pen and notebook in it, a lipstick holder, a cake of goat soap and some scratchies (no luck on those).  I went home one very happy girl.  Will have to make them a small gift when I next get the chance to catch up again.
Well must go and prepare a quiche for dinner.  Till next time happy stitching............


  1. Noela, you have been very busy - well done on your <6kg!!

  2. Jake looks very pleased with himself there. Well done! He had the right idea being in the pool. How wonderful it is to catch up with old friends. Lovely little gift to bring home as well. Congrats on the 6kgs....I think you left some of them at my place on the way past.

  3. Isn't this the BeSt time of year. Lovely to catch up with "old" friends! Congrats to the grandies too :)