Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FNSI, Curtains, Swap sneak peek

Friday Night Sew In is on this Friday night so if you want to join in and stitch along, pop over to Heidi's blog and sign up. It is good fun, and you can check the other participants blogs over the next few days, to see what they got up to.

I've not got much 'real' sewing done this week. Still working on my Xmas swaps and finally made those curtains for my son.  I went to put them up but had to do a bit of adjusting on the door one as I had made it too long and it just didn't look right. A bit of reverse sewing and the problem was fixed.
Here are a couple of photos of my handiwork.

 Below is a sneak peek at one of my swap gifts.

Well must go..... Happy Stitching till next time.......


  1. Secret sewing at this time of year...well it's everywhere! and it's so much fun too! Love your sons curtains.. very manly! :)

  2. lovely curtains Noela,love your sneak peek,lol.xx

  3. Great curtains....lots of secret sewing going on all over the country and beyond I think. Thank you for the reminder about FNSI. I have signed up too. I haven't done it before. Lead astray again. LOL!

  4. Curtains look good. Loving the fact that there is secret sewing everywhere! Hating the suspense of it all!

  5. Lovely curtains and the sneak peeks look lovely too!