Thursday, July 19, 2012

A busy couple of weeks

At last I have a bit of time to post.  The last two weeks have been really busy as I 've spent some time looking after my grandson.  He stayed with me last week-end and so sewing had to be put on hold for a while.  We enjoyed going to the movies to see Ice Age 4 on Saturday and then on Sunday, I took Jake to his away football game at Wynnum.  The grounds were really wet and after plodding around with wet shoes for the morning I was happy to get home and put on some dry ones.  On Tuesday I went to Jake's sports day.  The morning started off quite bleak but by the afternoon the sun had come out and the day improved.
Here he is running in the 100 metre race.  He came 5th in this race and 4th in the 800 metres.  I was very proud of him as he always does the best he can although he was a bit disappointed not to get a ribbon.

I have been able to do some hand embroidery and have been working on a design by Gail Pan.  I have joined Christmas In July over at Quilt Fabric Delights and this is one of  the patterns that have been provided already with more to come as the month progresses.
First of the four stitcheries that make up a small wall hanging

Also stitching some labels for a few pieces I am about to put the binding on.  Hopefully I will have them finished by my next post.
Till next time.......Hope you have a great day....      


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