Monday, July 23, 2012

3 Finishes, Design Wall

I have a few more finishes to show this week.  The first one is my Patisserie table runner which I have been hand-quilting for some time.  I am amazed just how long it takes me to hand quilt but I do think the rewards are well worth it in the end.  So after adding my hand stitched label to the back, I'm very pleased with the final result.     

My other two finishes are my Journal Covers made with a  fabric called Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater.  Love these but the one with the tape measure ribbon around it is my favourite.  Do you agree?

The one on the left for my Quilting to do  list and the one on the right for my shopping list.
Also this week-end I had some help from my hubby installing a design wall.  I used a flannel back tablecloth, stitched a sleeve across the top, threaded an aluminium flat rod through it then Chris nailed the rod to the wall behind my cutting table.  Can't wait to try it out with some blocks to see if it works..  It will certainly make a change from having to sort them on the floor. Not good for the old knees these days!!!
The black fabric seems to be staying in place which is a good sign.
Happy Stitching till next time.........


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  1. Your journal covers look great - love the fabrics you have used - and the tape. I'm sure you will love having the design wall up - as you say - much easier than the floor - and a better perspective too!