Friday, March 20, 2009

Catching Up with BOM's

A Christmas Wish BOM by Gail Pan. Block 3.

Verandah Views BOM. Block 3.

Here are a couple of photos of the stitcheries I have been working on. Block 3 of a Christmas Wish completed and sashing added. Verandah Views Block 3 is finished as well. This month we were given the instructions to complete the first 3 blocks so sorted out some fabric for the sashing today. Hope to get that done sometime next week.
My room isn't very tidy at present as I have a few other things in the planning stages. I always seem to be thinking of what my next project will be even before I finish the one I am working on. Is it only me that does this or there other quilters out there who do the same thing? I must say I love being able to leave projects out when I'm in the middle of something and time runs out as I can pick up where I left off when I return and save lots of time and energy. I am so enjoying my hideaway, I'm afraid housework isn't on the agenda very often these days.
We have our Retreat at Boonah, coming up in a couple of weeks time and I have been sorting out what I want to take to work on. I saw a pattern in a Country Threads magazine for bags to carry your quilting mat and quilting ruler. It uses a jelly roll so I have been working on these, hopefully will have them completed for the retreat or if not will take them along to finish. I am also hoping to start on a quilt for my daughter, Kym. It will be black, white and purple (her favourite colour), just have to work out what design I will use.

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