Friday, February 13, 2009

Fires and Floods

Well it has really been hard to concentrate on any thing else as like most people, I have been glued to the television in utter disbelief at the destruction and devastation that has occurred in our country. Mother nature at her worst. Terrible fires and loss of life in the south and floods in the north. I can not imagine how you would deal with it, to lose everything, but I guess possessions are material things and they can be replaced, not so our loved ones. We are lucky to have such a wonderful support system in this country like The Red Cross, Salvation Army and many other organisations who have rallied so quickly to help. I know many people have contributed financial support as the appeal tally rises higher by the hour. The danger of the fires has not passed yet so we can only pray that they will be out soon and also that the floods up north abate quickly so that the victims of both these terrible events will be able to start to come to terms with all that has happened and begin the long journey to recovery.

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