Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tamborine Retreat.....

Thought I had better do a quick post about the retreat I attended 2 weeks ago. I had a lovely time while there despite having a bit of a health issue on the Friday, an unexpected visit to my doctors, then a few hours at the local hospital for tests, and a sleepover back at home before returning to the retreat on Saturday.
The retreat this time had a Mystery theme so we could make our placemat with any design of our choice. Below are some of the place mats made.

As you can see, definitely a wide variety of themes here.
There was a bring and buy table and a couple of fabric people came as well.
I made a few purchases. The batik is mainly purple but doesn't show up that well in the photo.

A few other bits and pieces.
Saturday night we had show and tell. The bags in the first photo were made at the retreat.  This is only a few of the quilts shown, the photos don't show how gorgeous they really were.

I didn't end up getting much done but will show what I worked on another day.
Be back soon..............


  1. I do hope you are ok Noela. Love all those different placemats. Love the purple batik too. :). Gorgeous quilts for show & tell. Hugs, xx

  2. Hope that you're feeling a lot better Noela xx. Love the quilt and the placemats!

  3. Hope you are OK now - what bad timing to be sick when you are supposed to be head down and tail up sewing...I love the idea of the you swap them??

  4. Everyone loves retreats and it was a shame you were ill but I'm glad you're better now. Love batiks and I'm sure whatever you make will come up vibrant and colourful.

  5. Hope you are OK Noela...wonderful photos from the take care

  6. Hi Noela ,boy I hope you are okay my friend and thankyou for sharing all the lovely projects,sounds like a fun retreat,I hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  7. I hope you are OK now - look after yourself!
    Great quilts from retreat! How are you going on your Granddaughters?

  8. I hope you are doing ok, the weekend looks lovely, beautiful placemats!

  9. Sorry to read about your escapade to the Drs but great that you were able to get back to retreat after all. Looks like a very productive weekend!