Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Colour Swap Parcel

Well I have at last found time to post about the beautiful parcel that arrived in my letterbox last week.  Of course I forgot to take a photo before I opened it but have photos of the gorgeous contents. My gifts were sent by Christine from MacDonald's Patch. They were beautifully wrapped in blue paper and here they are.
Here they all are together with the card telling me it was Christine who had sent them.

Something Edible.  Not sure I want to eat these, they are so cute, think they should be in a vase.

Something  Smelly.  4 Sachets filled with lavender. 

Something Personal.   2 beautifully covered hangers. 

Something for a Room in your House. A lovely thread holder that also holds your needles and a place to put the one in use. I've just noticed I only have 3 threads in the photo, should be 4, all beautiful blue.  
I know you said you didn't use a lot of blue Christine but you have done an excellent job of my gifts and I thank you so much for making them for me. They will all be put to good use in my home except maybe my blue flowers that may not last too long.
Thank you also to the wonderful Chez who co-ordinates the swaps. Chez has 2 Xmas Swaps coming up so go over and check out her blog, have a look at the swaps, and say Hi.
Must go as I have some hand stitching to finish on my Colour Swap gift using some purple thread. Then off to the Post Office tomorrow. If you are waiting for purple, it could be you!!    Hugs..........


  1. You got some lovely goodies in your package! :0)

  2. Oh so pretty Noela. Lovely gifts from Christine, she did a great job.
    Hugs x

  3. What a lovely lot of blue gifts, Noela...I never ceased to be amazed how creative people can be in these swaps. Christine did a great job putting together your goodies' parcel. Xx

  4. Ahhh purple, not me. You received lovely gifts.

  5. Lots of lovely blue gifts..
    Christine always makes gorgeous things..

  6. Beautiful goodies from Christine there Noela... the hangers are so pretty,covered ones are so handy, enjoy it all x

  7. such beautiful gifts from Christine Noela,she put a wonderful parcel together for you,enjoy.xx

  8. A lovely collection of blue!! Purple?? did I hear purple???

  9. Lovely stash of blue items for you to enjoy.

  10. So glad you love all your goodies Noela. I enjoyed putting your parcel together.

  11. Beautiful gifts, love the pretty soft blue, hugs