Monday, December 10, 2012

Brissie Blog Meet, Raffle Win

Yesterday I made my way to The Wishing Well Cafe at Victoria Point to meet with some other Brisbane Bloggers.  We had morning tea, lunch and managed to do a bit of stitching  while we talked and caught up with what we had been doing since our last get together in October.  We also had two visitors brought along by Linda who had been travelling with her on her recent boat cruise up north to see the eclipse of the sun last month. I will show you a photo of these two later on.
The wishing well in the middle of the cafe.

From the left, Susan, Cheryl, Deb, De, Maree, Marilyn, me, Linda & Maria.

Here are our mystery visitors, Peg and Dale enjoying a cappuccino.  They travelled home with Maree and now having a holiday with her. Can you guess which one is Peg?
I enjoyed my lunch of Cajun Chicken Salad and was very good by not having a dessert although when they came out, I wished I had ordered one.

Show & Tell with Marilyn, her wall hanging using hand dyed fabric and below her carry bag which she made in a class with Joy from  JoyPatch (great for quilt blocks)  .

 Below are three SKOW quilts made by Susan, De and Cheryl.  All beautiful.  I brought my Gardeners Journal, an embroidery journal and some of the mug rugs I am working on for my show and tell (no photos of mine as I have blogged about them on a previous post and I think I am getting to photo overload status).

We were also given a tree ornament from Susan and Marilyn.  Thank you so much ladies, they are both gorgeous and will look lovely on my tree if I ever get it up. Susan's is the doll and Marilyn's is the snowflake.

Today, we had our last day for the year at my quilting group.  We had a lovely morning tea and our raffle was drawn.  Lots of lovely goodies hidden behind the cellophane.  I was lucky enough to win one.

Above and below is what I won.  15 fat eighth pieces of fabric.  The fabric puts me very much out of my comfort zone so will have to put my thinking cap on  so I make good use of them. 

Well, if you have made it to the end, thank you.  That is all from me for tonight.  Happy Stitching.......


  1. Noela what a wonderful time you had with your blogging friends and congrats on your lovely win.xx

  2. How lucky you ladies are to have your wonderful Bloggy Get Togethers..
    Lovely show and tell.
    What great fabrics you won.. They are my sort of colours. I am sure you will find a great project for them.

  3. Noela - its always fun reading the posts about get togethers even if you were there!! Those fabrics are totally in my comfort zone, so if they are looking for a home . . .LOL

  4. I did miss you all.... but glad yuou had a great time and show and tell would have been fun....

  5. Congratulations on your Win...Lovely post about our Great Day.

  6. It looks as though you had a wonderful time Noela and everyone looks friendly...I wish I'd been there.

    I live in a quilting desert here in France...there's just me.

    Fiona x

  7. Oh what a lovely gathering!
    I love the idea of meets and 'show & tell', lots of gorgeous quilts and projects there.
    Well done on your win too, I'm sure you'll make good use of the fabrics

  8. Looks like a lovely gathering, lots of beautiful show and tell and shopping!

  9. looks like another fun day meeting up.....nice to see Peg and Dale "gate crashing" your gathering........