Friday, October 26, 2012

GJ Block, Boonah Quilt Retreat, FNSI

I am off this week-end to my group's Quilt Retreat at Boonah.  I'm all packed and just about ready to go and pick up a couple of my friends.  Boonah is only about 45 minutes away so not a long drive.  Now have I packed everything?  I hope so as there is nothing worse than working on something and you have left half of what you need at home.
My Gardeners Journal blocks are packed .  Am just working on the last one now, still a bit of stitching to go, then the sashing and borders.  Some Secret Santa stuff and then a bit of fun stuff.
Here is my second last block of my Gardeners Journal.

I am also going to join the Friday Night Sew In as well.  If you want to join in just click on the logo on my side bar and add your name to the list. Normally I would be in my sewing room on my own but this time I will have 12 of my friends sewing with me. Lots of other girls have joined up from all over the world and you can check their blogs out on the weekend to see what they got done.  I will post on Monday.
Well must go, my retreat waits.  Have a great weekend........  Hugs......


  1. have an awesome weekend Noela.xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Gardeners Journal....have a fabulous weekend.

  3. Im sure you have had a great time being away - and sewing day just before aa well - sounds awesome. GJ is looking great - good luck with the finishes.

  4. Wow you have fabulous plans! I hope you enjoyed the 'virtual' and real company Friday Night :)
    Personally I always forget something, naturally an itty something yet it too often brings the project to a screeching halt, lol

  5. hope you have had a great retreat.......looking forward to the GJ progress........