Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cooli Rocks On

Last Saturday Chris and I headed down to Coolangatta for the annual Cooli Rocks On  festival.  It goes for a week culminating in a weekend of rock and roll dancing, a parade and a hot rod /car show and shine in the streets.  It was an overcast day so we decided not to take our hot rod which was just as well as by lunch time the rain decided to make an appearance.  Luckily the parade was over by then.  The photo below shows one of the floats with one of the Rock and Roll groups, demonstrating their dance steps, on board.  

Lots of people attended despite the rain

Love this car.  

Model  A

This big boy was enjoying his morning walk.  He was huge.

Feet hurt from all the walking,  one of these would have been handy.

Love this camper with its sea theme artwork.

This is our new project, a 1928 Model A Tudor.  It needs a little work.  Can't wait till it looks like one of cars above.  Yes, I think red paint would be nice.  

And of course a day out wouldn't be complete without a bit of retail therapy. There were lots of stalls to look at.  This scarf and ornament just had to come home with me as a reminder of the day.
I have been sewing this week so will post a few photos tomorrow, no finishes as yet but lots of prep work done.     Till next time........Happy Stitching

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  1. What about some artwork on the new car like the camper van??? - ooh bet your husband would be shaking his head at that idea!!