Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day, OPAM Finishes, Mystery Quilt

This morning I was surprised by these beautiful flowers and card.  I just had to show you the card as it gave me a good laugh.  My hubby Chris is a wonderful man and I am so pleased that we met when we did,  but his skills in the kitchen are very basic so this card was so appropriate for him to buy.  Love you Chris.

My kids & some of the grand-kids came for a family lunch today.  I didn't take any photos of the wonderful food we ate or the trifle we had for dessert but I did manage to get photos of my boys and two of my grand-sons.  My daughter and daughter-in-law don't like photos so couldn't coerce them into getting into the shots.

My eldest son, Scott, his son Jake who played footy this morning & me.

Todd, his son Josh, me, Jake & Cain, our staffy.  
Below is one of the gifts I received from Josh and my grand-daughter Kiah, who was working today.  Love this and it is already hanging near my front door.  I feel so lucky to have a wonderful family to share this day with. I hope all Mothers and Grand-mothers had as great a day as I did.

Here are my first finishes for May.  The pattern for this bag and block keeper is by Leanne Beasley. It came together quite quickly and I am so pleased with how it looks.  I used batting in the block keeper to hold the blocks in place and purchased some foam core board to put in the pockets on either side to make the outer pieces stiff.   The top photo shows the construction of the pocket which is divided in two and goes on the outside of the bag. The pocket size is quite generous and has some hand quilting on it.  I am going to make a folder to put my threads, needles and scissors in to put in the smaller of the two pockets.  I do lots of embroidery so this will be put to good use. 

Block Keeper Bag and  Block Holder

I have been working on a Mystery Quilt with my friends Liz and Chris from NSW.  We are going to have a reveal of the quilt top or finished quilt  in September at the Lismore Quilters Camp at Evans Head.  I have been working on the installments and am up to Number 4.  Below is the fabric I have used.  When the fabric pieces are cut or joined together, bags are used to keep track of all the pieces.  Long way to go so will show a few more photos next time.

Sorry this has been such a long post but glad you made it to the end.  Well better go and spend some time with Hubby before he goes to bed.  Till next time Happy stitching.........  

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  1. So glad you had a lovely Mothers Day Noela.. The flowers are beautiful and I LOVE the card... that sounds so familiar!!!! Great photos of the family, such a shame the girls wouldn't join in.. Your block keeper and bag are gorgeous!!!! You have been so busy and all your projects are really lovely. Love the Grandma sign... that's sooo true!! xx