Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Some finishes for April.


Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter as we have. This morning we enjoyed brunch with our family. Our grandchildren were excited that the Easter Bunny had paid them a visit and left lots of eggs in their nests.


Below are some finishes for April:
This is a wine bottle gift bag made with 2.5 by 5 inch rectangles of Bliss fabric. It's quite a bit of work so not sure I would make it for this purpose again. I have been trying to think of another use for it so if you think of one let me know. Here I have put a coloured glass bottle in it.
At the last camp I attended, many of the ladies had made these small ironing boards for use next to their sewing machines. Great for when you are doing lots of piecing with seams that need to be pressed before the next piece can be added. On the back-side I glued a small cutting mat for trimming and on the top, I used 2 layers of underlay covered with a layer of fabric. All I need now is a small iron and I'm set . I found the folding table in one of the cheap shops.

These two bags were made using a pattern I found on the net. This is quite easy to assemble and has three pockets on each side made when the handles are attached. I added a suffolk puff and button for trim to each.

Well, that's all from me. Till next time......... Happy stitching

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  1. I just love those bags Noela... reminds me I still have to make mine lol!! Love the bottle bag and I wouldn't part with it if I was you! and how clever are you making that ironing board/cutting mat. Love it... expect to see it next retreat!! Hope you had a lovely Easter break.xx