Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swap Parcel Arrives / Family Memories

My Paper Bag Swap parcel arrived on Thursday. I just love the bag my swap partner Shiree from New Zealand made for me. It will be great to take to group with some stitching in. The parcel also contained some chocolates, soap and bath crystals. Thank-you Shiree. Here is the bag, isn't it lovely!!!!!

Well, it has been a very busy week with me trying to finish the quilt I was making for my DIL's 40th birthday. I came very close to completing it but not quite, just needed to add a few more buttons near the photos and handstitching of about 6 butterflies on the central panel. I was a bit stressed to say the least. I would have finished but cooking lasagne, mini quiches and making my curry dip took priority on Saturday. Needless to say no-one really noticed the missing buttons or the unquilted butterflies, so all I need is another hour (if I can get the quilt back from Deb) and it will be complete. Deb really loved the quilt and says she can't wait to show her Mum who lives in NSW so that's what making quilts is all about isn't it?
The card below was made by my friend, Nancy. I asked her if she could make one for me in black, red and white and add a butterfly on the front. I couldn't believe it when she gave me the card as I hadn't shown her the material I was using for the quilt. It matched perfectly. Thank-you so much, Nancy.

Deb with her quilt. Happy 40th.


  1. Hi Noela,
    so glad you liked your bag, the quilt you made for your DIL is absolutely georgeous! You have made a wonderful job of this indeed. I am sure that Deb is very happy and very proud of her new quilt.

  2. Love the quilt Noela, and so glad you received your paper bag swap parcel.. funny you both made bags hey? You can never have too many bags I say xx