Sunday, May 24, 2009

WISP May Finish

Here is my Giggle Club Project for April. I have been working on it for quite a while and finally put the finishing touches to it today. I had originally thought I would put it in a frame but didn't have one big enough to suit so changed my mind and made a hanging. I added ric rac to it and offset the stitchery which I think looks nice. Will have to add a photo to the Giggle Button Club site and see what other people have done with their project. That is the good thing about the club, you can make the stitchery into whatever you want eg: a bag, cushion or something else of your choosing.
Below is Block 5 of A Christmas Wish BOM from Gail Pan. I had this one completed just after my last post but hadn't got around to adding it to my blog until now. I know....... I can be a bit slack at times.
Already half way there with only 4 blocks to go. Each time I do a block, I think it is my favourite. I wonder if anyone feels the same?
It has been a bit slow going just lately. I haven't been able to get into my quilting room without keeping a watchful eye on the glass doors. My dog, Cain, a staffy, has decided that when I go out there, it's the signal for him to get out of the back yard by digging a hole under the side fence. He has become quite adept at it and all of a sudden he is looking at me through those damn doors. We decided to put a piece of pipe on his collar to stop him but he keeps trying and sometimes still gets through. How he can work his way through such a small hole is beyond me. So we are trying to work out how to stop him without pulling down the old fence and putting up a new one ( Hubby's brain is working overtime so he doesn't have to add that job to his list). Any ideas ???? I'm just worried he may get knocked as he doesn't have much road sense.

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  1. How sweet your project is! Your stitchery is wonderful. I know all about naughty dogs, having two of them in residence.